MFChain and Credits — Leveraging Innovative Technologies to Bring Blockchain into Every Home on the Planet

One of the biggest challenges for any startup, in any industry, is creating the environment that ensures future stable growth even before the product or service is made available for the markets.

Serious businesses, led by experienced stratagems, are achieving this goal through a series of carefully planned strategic partnerships already in the early phase of the startup’s existence.

MFChain recently signed one such partnership that leads to a rapid expansion of our market reach

Credits, a Singapore-based blockchain, is the new name on our long list of strategic alliances that will bring MFChain’s technological and financial solutions to a number of different industries.

Credits is a public blockchain with an open source code, capable of performing up to 1 million TPX at the processing speed of 0.01 of a second with the commission rate as low as $0.001. Currently, that transaction speed is virtually unmatched in any of the proposed blockchain solutions. Same goes for the fees.

Investors quickly recognized the immense potential behind the proposed technological advances and business model and rushed in to seize the opportunity early on. Last year, Credits raised $20M in under 24 hours during the ICO.

On the wings of that rarely seen success, in 2018, Credits successfully launched the platform with the extended functionality of Credits smart contracts that make it possible to set cycles and create schedules. As an API with the SDK kit, it attracts users from Finance, IoT, Healthcare, Tourism, and Gaming industries because it enables them to implement their private and fully autonomous self-executive service apps.

And this fast-expanding business is now working with Modern Finance Chain on a joint mission — to make blockchain globally adopted

As agreed, MFChain and Credits are engaging in collaborative efforts to merge our two communities in order to bring the combined solutions to all of our users. In other words, once merged into a single entity, ALL users will have an immediate access to a host of additional services that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

As the first step, MFChain will enable Credits token to be supported in the MFC Payment Processing solution. It’s yet another crypto that will flow through MFC’s ecosystem, bringing blockchain one step closer to become widely accepted.

Credits token will also be accepted during MFChain’s ICO, which is a novel approach since blockchain startups, during their funding rounds, don’t commonly allow any other digital currency beside BTC and ETH. We will reveal the details on how to contribute with CS token soon.

This initial collaboration sets the stage for the main point of the agreement

The major milestone of the partnership and the one that will give a real competitive edge to both partners is the integration of our MF2X Protocol within the Credits ecosystem.

As you already know, MF2X protocol enables direct crypto-to-fiat swaps without the need for dealing with a centralized crypto exchange.

“Combined with Credits’ extremely fast processing speed and low fees, MF2X protocol will inevitably help the future growth of Credits ecosystem,” says Craig Neil, MF Chain’s CEO and adds that, “In the same time, the integration will further expand MF Chain’s market reach thus increasing our company’s influence and growth.”

What that basically means is that by integrating our MF2X swap protocol within Credits TX solutions, MF Chain’s technological and financial solutions are instantly brought to millions of users in a wide range of industries.

Along with our previous and future strategic partnerships, as one of MF Chain’s key strategies of ensuring a rapid growth, the addition of Credits will prove itself vital not only for the future of MF Chain but the entire, global blockchain industry.