MF Chain Enters Global Rewards and Loyalty Industry Through Partnership with Zagg Protocol™

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One of the most vital and profitable industries worldwide will soon start using MFChain’s MF2X swap protocol.

As the part of itsmission to bring the blockchain and cryptocurrencies respectivelyinto every home on the planet, along with the continuous efforts to further expand and strengthen its market position, MFChain recently partnered with ZAGG Protocol™, a blockchain powered by Zaggle, set to redefine the global Rewards and Loyalty/Gifts Industry.

With already 2.5 million users and over $100.000.000 in revenue, Zaggle is quickly becoming one of the leading services that connect consumer and corporate spends to merchants using its proprietary products. Zaggle provides services in the areas of Employee Benefits, Rewards & Recognition, Loyalty & Gift Cards, Expense Management, Group Dining & Concierge, Online Shopping and Restaurant Cashback.

Their latest achievement is a global blockchain solution, ZAGG Protocol™.

ZAGG Protocol™is a custom blockchain built to disrupt the GBRL Industry

It’s a solution for businesses around the world to engage with their customers in a more efficient and cost-effective way. For customers, that means getting a monetary value proportional to the earned loyalty points — on the single platform.

The platform is specifically built for merchants issuing gift cards, corporate benefits programs, credit/debit rewards programs, and brand-deployed loyalty programs.

And all of them will soon start using MFChain’s solutions

Through the partnership, MF Chain and Zaggle (ZAGG Protocol) will engage in the joint marketing activity to unite their communities, merging them into a single global force.

Users will be able to use ZAGG token for payments through MFC’s payment processing gateway. In addition, ZAGG rewards program will be integrated with that of MF Chain, which will bring a host of additional benefits for both communities.

It‘s also agreed that partners engage in cross development activities.

One of the important milestones of these activities is the integration of MFC’s MF2X Swap Protocol within ZAGG Protocol™.

With the success of this implementation, ZAGG will be able to offer a valuable add-on to its network of merchants — a seamless crypto-to-fiat direct swap.

It’s only reasonable to believe that every merchant will gladly opt-in for the MF2Xoption because the protocol provides a uniquely simple and perhaps the most efficient way to hedge against the risk caused by the notorious volatility of cryptocurrencies.

“This integration will further expand MF Chain’s user base by bringing MFC’s technological and financial solutions to an additional2.5 million of users in a single take,” says Craig Neil, MF Chain’s CEO and adds that, “With ZAGG and MFC joining forces, payments and GBRL industries are about to see some groundbreaking and vital upgrades.”

These upgrades will be most welcomed by customers

So far, it was extremely rare to see cashback loyalty programs in any of the mentioned industries.

ZAGG Protocol changes that and MF Chain plays a vital role in the entire process.

The customers are more likely to opt-in for the reward program that enables them to get some of the spent money back to their wallets rather than the traditional model, that, in the best-case scenario, offers a conditioned discount.

Once merged, ZAGG’s and MFC’s rewards programs will transform into something unseen and unique in the industry thus becoming the top choice for customers — and subsequently the merchants — worldwide.

All combined give a real competitive edge to both companies and we can observe MF Chain-ZAGG partnership as yet another vital step toward the MF Chain’s ultimate goal — the global adoption of the blockchain.

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