MF Chain Joins KOMOREBI ALLIANCE, The New Blockchain Paradigm of Token Augmenting Partnerships

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MFChain recently partnered with INGOT Coin, GMEX-Group, BolttCoin, SwachhCoin, Black.Insure, PlaceToRent (PTRT), Bineuro, Stella, et al. to form KOMOREBI ALLIANCE, a unified blockchain front or the future single cross-blockchain platform that will allow all their communities to use their utilities simultaneously.

MFChain joined the Alliance to leverage the partnerships in an effective response to the current state of the market — namely its competitiveness that is at all times high but also the obvious inefficiency of the blockchain development.

“As a cross-blockchain platform by its nature, MFChain’s decision to join the KOMOREBI ALLIANCE was a logical step,” says Craig Neil, CEO at Modern Finance Chain, and adds that, “MFC’s strategy to collaborate with strategically important partners, already established blockchain projects, and traditional businesses enables MFChain to achieve its goals at an unprecedented speed while ensuring the long-term operational and financial stability. KOMOREBI ALLIANCE is the perfect example of such collaboration.”

The Alliance effectively creates a unique ecosystem that offers the community a host of options to ensure liquidity while providing the necessary redundancy in the event where one partner’s platform underperforms or goes down.

“As of now, this does not exist in the Crypto markets, financial markets or in any market. Joining one TGE (token generation event)will provide you with innovative services, eventually, but even at this point the services are limited,” said Ahmed Khawanky, CMO of INGOT Coin.

This new paradigm provides not only the additional hedging against the risk but also gives the new meaning to “Utility” by converging different industries such as health, insurance, financial services, E-commerce, and real estate, and combining the different existing utility functions of the individual partnered Blockchains. Simply put, it augments the efficacy of the offered services.

Hirander Misra, Chairman and CEO of GMEX Group comments, “We are entering an era where the value of the individual Blockchain enabled ecosystems combined through joint ventures will lead to a new paradigm of Token Augmenting Partnerships (TAP) creating a network effect, which will propagate to create a greater value.”

It is, therefore, clear that KOMOREBI ALLIANCE is effectively making a breakthrough in financial markets by presenting a revolutionary gateway towards an all-inclusive environment. And it is our belief, at MFChain, that this innovative approach will not only help the existing crypto community but will also create an easier path for the new adopters of the blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies respectively. Combined, this will act as a drive of the overall adoption rate and ultimately make the cryptocurrency a part of our daily lives, changing the paradigm of the monetary-market system from the ground up.

Modern Finance Chain

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