MFChain Announces Key Leadership Additions

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Coming off a highly successful Blockchain Economic Forum event in San Francisco, MFChain is in the final stages of negotiations on a number of key partnerships. Each will add tremendous value to the MFX payment processing solution as well as the MF Mainnet ecosystem that will launch in 2019. With these changes, MFChain realizes that in order to stay on track with our roadmap, additional attention to development and additional leadership resources are necessary.

In an strategic move, our parent company Mammoth Project LTD will be taking a forward facing role within MFChain and leading all business and operational tasks within MFChain. Effective immediately Craig Neil, Founder Mammoth Project LTD and Jayson Rellis, Managing Director Mammoth Project LTD will join MFChain in a full time capacity. These key additions allow Viacheslav Shybaiev and the development team to focus on fully integrating all new partners API’s within the MFChain payment solution and also complete the full development of the MF2x protocol (full detailed announcement to come on MF2x).

In combination with the addition of Craig and Jayson to the MFChain core team, we are pleased to also announce that Naviin Kapoor has accepted a new role. Effective immediately Naviin is joining MFChain as Head of Blockchain Integration Asia and Middle East. We are excited for Naviin’s role and look forward to his leadership in driving adoption and partnerships in the Asian and Middle East Markets.

Who Is Mammoth Project LTD?

Mammoth Project LTD was founded in late 2016 with the full intention of private investments in early stage blockchain projects and other key investments. As the year progressed, Mammoth became more involved in the creation and development of blockchain launches culminating in an agreement in late 2017 to become the primary backer of MFChain. Both Craig and Jayson bring a wealth of technical knowledge, strong business acumen and a tenacious drive to succeed. Their in-depth knowledge of ICOs from both an investor and organizer perspective provide them each with an unique ability to push MFChain forward faster than before.

With in-depth knowledge of launching startups and bringing his entrepreneurial background to MFChain Craig will be taking the role of CEO. Jayson joins us as President and brings his extensive leadership in developing sales and operational organizations in Fortune 100 companies. Both will partner on leading the remaining aspects of the MFChain token sale and look to strengthen our partnerships.

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