Modern Finance Chain Airdrop

Modern Finance Chain (MFChain) is a public smart contract platform that aims to bridge the cryptocurrency gap between merchants and consumers. By empowering processors, merchants and consumers with blockchain technology, thereby making eCommerce faster and more profitable for everyone. While building on the value of zero merchant processing fees, MFChain is launching the first ever rewards program for both consumers AND merchants.

Now let’s discuss about how you can participate in the MFChain airdrop and earn your free tokens!

The MFChain airdrop will run from March 19th, 2018 through March 31st, 2018. You can get the required details below, with information on how to participate and become a part of the Modern Finance Chain community.

What Do I Need to Receive My Free Tokens?

MFChain will be launching its MFX Tokens on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token. ERC20 is the standard protocol for decentralized applications built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Since it is based on Ethereum platform, you will require an Ethereum wallet to participate in the airdrop. If you provide a wallet address that is not compatible with ERC20 tokens or an exchange wallet address, you will not receive the MFX tokens. If you do not have an Ethereum digital wallet, you can obtain one for free by visiting myetherwallet. If you are uncomfortable with digital wallets, there are physical wallets that you can purchase.

More information on physical wallets can be found here.

Please note: No MFChain representative or team member will ask for your private keys or request you send funds directly to the organization. Please do not sent any funds directly to MFChain. Your private key is like a PIN number — never share it with anyone, especially not on social media. A public key is like an account number — you can give it to people to allow them to pay you, but private key is like your credit card pin. Hence, keep it secure and concealed.

Are There Any Restrictions?

With recent uncertainty coming from the U.S. Market around cryptocurrency, MFChain has decided to bar U.S. citizens from participating in the airdrop. Until more clarity is provided on which direction the U.S. will go, our legal advisors have suggested this difficult decision. Should regulations change, we will explore options to allow U.S. citizens to participate and earn awesome MFChain rewards.

How Many Tokens Are You Giving Away?

We are giving away a total of 1 million MFX tokens in the Airdrop. The 1 million tokens will be distributed equally between everyone who signs up for the airdrop. This will be accomplished by assigning users ‘stakes’. Stakes can be earned by enrolling and following our social media profiles. MFChain will then take the total number of stakes and divide that from the 1 million tokens. For example, if 1,000 people sign up, with 1 stake per person each person would receive 1,000 tokens. But let us assume that only one person signed up, then that individual would receive all 1 million tokens.

There’s no limit to the number of people who can participate in the MFChain airdrop! MFChain is striving to involve as many users as possible.

I Want My MFX Tokens! How Do I Participate?

Before joining the airdrop, you will need to join the MFChain Telegram. If you don’t already have a Telegram account, you will need to create one. You can do that once you have downloaded the Telegram app for either your phone or your desktop. You can download the app here. This is required — as we will be confirming the Telegram handles of airdrop participants against the members of our Telegram group.

Unlike other airdrops, MFChain is also providing you the ability to earn additional stakes in the airdrop by providing you the option of following all MFChain social media profiles. Our goal is to build a community from ground up and allow you to earn free tokens as well! Following us only on Telegram, you will earn 1 stake, by following all 5 (Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Telegram), you can earn a total of 5 stakes! As with telegram, you must be a member of each profile, at the time of the airdrop, to receive your MFX Tokens.

To participate in the airdrop, you will need to submit some information via the MFChain Airdrop Webform. Each participant will need to provide the following details:

· Name — required
· Email address — required
· ETH digital wallet address (public key ONLY — do not share your private key) — required
· Telegram handle (e.g. @joecrypto) — required
· Reddit User Name (optional)- Provides you with 1 Bonus Stake
· Twitter Handle (optional)- Provides you with 1 Bonus Stake
· Facebook Name (optional)- Provides you with 1 Bonus Stake
· YouTube Name (optional)- Provides you with 1 Bonus Stake
· Answers to the following questions:
· Country of Residence

Can I Earn More Tokens for Referring Friends?

Absolutely yes!

MFChain wants to reward you for telling your friends about the airdrop. Once you complete the form, you will be provided with a special referral link after you verify your email address. Once you verify your email address post enrollment, you will receive your custom referral link. That link will only be valid for you. You can share it with your friends to invite them to participate in the airdrop. For each person that you refer, you will receive 1 bonus stake from the token allocation. For example, if Susan refers 5 people, Susan will receive an additional 5 stakes — one for each referral that enrolls into the airdrop.

Updated 22 MAR, 2018: Great news! MF Chain is now running a contest for our top referrers. We have removed the referral gap increasing your ability to Follow, Share, Refer and EARN! Winners will be announced by April 5th. All contest MFX tokens and airdrop tokens will be sent out at the end of the ICO.

Visit, enter in your ETH wallet address you provided upon signup and see how many referrals you have!

Before you get creative and attempt to defraud the airdrop, please note that ANY attempt to do so will result with you losing your entire airdrop allocation.

After I Enroll, When Do I Get My Tokens?

Once you enroll, we will send an email requesting you to confirm your email address. Failing to confirm your details within the allotted time frame will result in forfeiture of stakes earned in the airdrop. So, be sure to stay connected to your email, and check regularly for any new updates!

Tokens given away during the airdrop will be sent directly to wallets at the end of the MFChain ICO, which is scheduled to conclude on June 25th, 2018. It is crucial that the wallet you provide us is active and you retain access to that wallet, we cannot update your wallet address after you submit your information.

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