Learning the Change

The world as it is today, the one in which we have access to all sorts of knowledge, people, and technologies, that world is not the one that most current educators thought they were stepping into when they went into teaching. The image of schooling that most had was built on scarcity of those things, not abundance. It was an image built on what most of us experienced in our own education. One of structure, of teacher as planner and assessor, of rigorous organization.

But change has happened, very quickly, with the Web.

And I wonder, how are we in education coping with it? Do we adults have the literacies and dispositions to cope with it effectively? Were we, are we prepared for it?

The good news is that despite the challenge of it, we are full force experiencing the kind of mega change that most expect our students will have to deal with as they go through their lives.

So, if you want a sense of what our kids will need as they face the future, look inward. You’re in it.

What do you need right now to deal with the change you’re feeling? And how does that inform your practice?

Originally published at Will Richardson.

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