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Endevor Web Services, the Modernization LaunchPad

Standing-up Web Services opens up a world of possibilities

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  • Using VS Code and Git
  • Automating code promotion, testing and deployment
  • Streamlining change requests and approvals
  • Performing self-service developer builds
REST API Overview
  • List actions with results in JSON format
  • Element actions (ADD, RETRIEVE, GENERATE, MOVE, etc.)
  • Package actions (DEFINE, CAST, APPROVE, EXECUTE, etc.)
  • Authorization (either user/pass or JWT tokens)
Endevor Web Services-consuming apps
  • Bridge for Git
  • VS Code and Eclipse extensions
  • Endevor for Zowe CLI extension
  • Team Build project initialization
  • Custom clients / homegrown integrations
  • Endevor Zowe CLI extension [link]— gives developers the freedom to build quick automation for common tasks like builds and deployments and integrate it into DevOps standards being used in their organizations
  • Explorer for Endevor VS Code extension [link] — part of the Code4z pack, it allows access to the full map of elements in Endevor while using Visual Studio Code and related tools like GitHub Codespaces
  • Endevor Zowe API Mediation Layer conformance — to learn more, read Two Peas in a Pod — Endevor and the Zowe API Mediation Layer
Combined with Web Services, Zowe serves as a bridge



Mainframe modernization for developers, sysprogs, devops engineers and others wanting to use technologies like Visual Studio Code, Git, Jenkins and SonarQube along with mainframe-native tools and z/OS services.

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