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Mainframe DevOps Award goes to Zowe!!!

The Zowe open source community received fantastic recognition this past week winning the “Best DevOps for Mainframe Solution” category in the DevOps Dozen awards. Zowe prevailed over a number of commercial vendor offerings, reflecting a widespread appreciation for the value of an open source solution for the mainframe.

Game-changer for Mainframe

The Zowe framework bridges modern DevOps practices and tools to the mainframe platform, driving new levels of productivity and software velocity. Broadcom’s Mainframe DevOps leader, Peter Wassel, outlined the value recently: Z is for Zowe — the Open Path to Mainframe DevOps.

Zowe’s win reflects the advantages of community in solving seemingly intractable problems. In this case, how could mainframe teams realize the value of DevOps and modernization without compromising the platform’s core benefits/attributes: reliability, scalability, and security? A challenge too great for any single vendor, Broadcom, IBM and Rocket Software joined together with the Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project to introduce the Zowe framework in 2018. Since then, the framework has expanded, the ecosystem had grown and adoption has flourished — it has proven to be a real game-changer.

How It Started (SHARE 2018)

Growing Ecosystem

Now with over 72 Conformance badges granted, Zowe is quickly becoming the glue that connects long-established mainframe-native tools and processes with modern DevOps ones that run off-platform. This “best of both worlds” scenario enables modernization-in-place, without having to undertake painful lift-and-shift projects. Broadcom is leading the way with 42 Zowe Conformance badges spanning the full breadth of our portfolio: DevOps, Security, AIOps, Databases and Infrastructure.

To ensure customers’ success with Zowe, Broadcom offers Conformant enterprise-class support for the framework, as well as value-adding proprietary extensions, as part of our Mainframe DevOps Suite.

More Innovation Ahead

Zowe has opened the mainframe to the best of enterprise DevOps, including CI/CD automation, shift-left testing, open APIs and cross-platform collaboration, in a standards-based way. To see how developers benefit from Zowe, both directly and behind-the-scenes, check out the interactive Developer Cockpit.

The win is yet another in an impressive list of accomplishments by the Zowe community. And with Zowe V2 LTS only weeks away, the innovations from the community keep coming.

How It’s Going

If you’re interested in learning exactly how your team could leverage Zowe to drive productivity and software velocity, request a Mainframe DevOps Design Thinking Workshop. Our DevOps Adoption Team will be delighted to outline the options based on your environment and priorities.

Looking forward to even more from this dynamic community in 2022! Go Team Zowe!



Mainframe modernization for developers, sysprogs, devops engineers and others wanting to use technologies like Visual Studio Code, Git, Jenkins and SonarQube along with mainframe-native tools and z/OS services.

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