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Greetings from the Modern Mainframe team!

If you haven’t visited in while, learn which topics were of most interest to readers in 2022 with the year-end wrap-up: Top 5 Mainframe Modernization stories.

Is there a topic you’d like us to cover, or would you like to author an article yourself? Let us know!

All the best for 2023… and, BTW, Zowe did repeat ;)



Mainframe modernization for developers, sysprogs, devops engineers and others wanting to use technologies like Visual Studio Code, Git, Jenkins and SonarQube along with mainframe-native tools and z/OS services.

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David McNierney

DevOps @ Broadcom #devops #zowe #zos #IBMz #mainframe #jenkins #cicd #agile #mhealth #github #vscode