How Basic Income is provided under a Job Guarantee

If you believe in the concept, make a tax deductible charity contribution, pay people and you’re there.

Basic Income is based on the principle that people should be paid first and then perhaps do something later if they feel like it. That is a complete reversal of the principle of contribution that is in place in society. Everywhere else you have to be of service to others and put them in your debt first, before you receive anything of real value in return.

Yet there is no need to overturn the entire structure of the current economy. If those people who really believe in Basic Income want to put it in place under a Job Guarantee system then they can do so. Just endow a charity to give money to people. If the recipients then decide to work for others (perhaps working for the charity) they will receive the Job Guarantee wage which will then, in effect, end up being the advance payment for the following period rather than an arrears payment for the previous one. As shown in the diagram above.

There only needs to be one initial payment per person from the charity, and so it can easily be funded by believers in Basic Income, and tax deductible too. The rest is covered by the Job Guarantee — for as long as the reciprocation continues. This way any costs of excess extraction or free riding from the concept are borne by those who believe in it rather than being imposed unilaterally upon wider society. Those who desire to be ‘free’ are supported by those who believe they should have that right — in both financial and real terms.

A win-win all round.

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