2007 by J.I.D. | Song Review

A look at the penultimate ending to The Forever Story

Mark Chinapen
Modern Music Analysis
3 min readNov 15, 2022


Source: XXL Mag.

After months of speculation and encouragement from J.I.D. himself, the track “2007” finally made its official release on streaming platforms earlier this month. The song was originally shared exclusively to YouTube, sample clearances being the major issue as to why the song couldn’t be included in J.I.D.’s latest album The Forever Story. Looking through his tweets as well as the song’s lyrical brevity, “2007” isn’t just a throwaway track or bonus song to be included in a re-release.

“2007” wraps up the tale J.I.D. tells throughout the course of The Forever Story. It perfectly sums up his journey through the rap game. Listening to this track within the context of The Forever Story builds on the album’s themes surrounding family, J.I.D’s personal life, and come-up.

Production-wise, the streaming version of “2007” features a laid-back beat with a smooth bassline, a staple of any J.I.D. song. As the track progresses, the drums kick in and the sound of horns starts coming into the mix. It matches well with the progression of the song’s story. There’s also the use of these plucking guitar strings throughout that adds to the song’s contemplative tone.

Thematically, J.I.D. sets up “2007” as a chronological tale, guiding listeners through the last 15 years of his life. From his aspirations of playing football to becoming the rapper he is today. To further add to the song’s nuance, J.I.D. refers to several albums (primarily J.Cole’s) throughout the song. Acting as checkpoints to signify both where he was at that time, and what was going on with his burgeoning rap career. J.I.D. wastes no time as he highlights critical moments that occurred during his career over the song’s 7-minute runtime.

J.I.D. raps about his time at Hampton University, where he would meet his future labelmates (“And on campus I heard about a couple rappers from Atlanta (Earthgang!) Said them niggas was snappin’, maybe we could make somethin’ happen and shit”.). Him switching his focus from college football to following his dreams of becoming a rapper. J.I.D. also explains his subsequent expulsion from the school, leading to him heading back home.

At this point in the song, we get a verse from J.I.D.’s own father, who knew that his son was determined to follow this rap dream, forgoing his college degree altogether. He finishes his verse with some sound fatherly advice: (“Do your best, give a hundred percent or don’t do it at all.”). The addition of J.I.D.’s father on “2007” greatly adds to the familial themes found on TFS.

“2007” draws to a close, using the release of J.I.D.’s 2017 debut album The Never Story as the backdrop. Here we start to see how J.I.D. got inducted into Dreamville records, first being introduced by his late friend Doeburger (“ I ain’t know that Ced had went ahead and played my shit for Cole, But I knew he knew the game, and he pulled up to his show, and then that’s where we first met, but I ain’t think of it no more.”). J.I.D. explains that he was initially going to sign with Quality Control, before J.Cole stepped in and took the young rapper under his wing.

J.Cole finishes “2007” with a spoken word verse, detailing how the two met during the recording of 4 Your Eyez Only. Their initial meet-up was to never sign J.I.D. on at first (“I wasn’t on no shit, like “Yo, I’m tryna do some Dreamville shit with y’all”, nah, it wasn’t no talkin’ no deal, I didn’t even know if I wanted to sign niggas.”). However J.Cole knew that J.I.D. had potential, he could see the passion and discipline this young rapper had. Cole closes the song out by determining that J.I.D. is somebody that truly “wants it” and whose name will ring on forever.

As the penultimate closer to The Forever Story, “2007” embodies all of the album’s major themes into a singular, 7-minute stream of consciousness. Hearing J.I.D. go in-depth on his journey as an artist is both humbling as it is inspiring. Now that the true ending to the album is available to all for listening, listeners can now experience The Forever Story the way J.I.D. intended.

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