GodsFavour Chidozie. Fave

5 of Fave’s RIDDIM

“Want” and “Pon Pon” were quite unique and symphonically distinct. Fave was a bit foreign to what Badoo was vocalizing but it blended faultlessly.

“Kilotufe” means 😏 what else would you want and it’s your Fave’s payback track… “…whether you like it or not , I still go do my own, this shit is part of the run, I still go destroy them, when they come for my gun…” She lives naturally a aure soul but this song exists for a friend that wanted to shoot her with an arrow. While her topics were self-conscious and defiant, it’s her soul searching I find edgewise.

You invent a sound but must creatively label the track; Fave goes overboard with this. “S.M.K” (Sho Ma Korin) where she says she is your numero-uno, is the second ingeniously named track which means: ‘Will you sing for me?’ She surely sings for me, I concur 🖐🏾

“Mr Man” makes her admit she might be little Temz and is her most brazen piece. She knows exactly what she wants…”Things you cannot say with your mouth, will you say with your hands, I’ll respond…”. A true lover understands deeply and puts the other half first, such is the message in this track. Fave’s unusual rhythm has little sprinkles of big wiz while the deep lyrics is all hers.

“Baby Riddim” is actually riding the radio waves these days. Her congenital affinity for alte would deliver an exotic sound different from whatever we are used to with a switch of heavenly pitches …”Oppositions they come left , right; But I don’t care, Popo fit dey our front say leave you 😕, But I die there, No more milk or malt; ’Cause you are my only strength…

Yeah, she is “Obsessed”. Every bit of her soul is in a conundrum as she goes love crazy singing in a mysterious lingo…” Dede dibidi Dede, My heart e dey fear fear …Gongon dibidi Gongon…” 😮what universe is Fave from??

Her melodious imprint stood “Pon Pon” apart and it was the fav of many on UY SCUTi — vibing to this project again, I feel Fave might just have inspired the whole body of work! Along with UY SCUTi, EARNING WISH 🙏 furthermore stirred my innings for the necessity of well-written lyrics.




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