Alte — 2021

Ayomikun Boyede
Modern Music Analysis
7 min readApr 21, 2022


Alpha Ojini should price himself high amid Nigerian lyricists and he’s got every right to do so. TEARS ARE SALTY FOR A REASON is an extraordinary vibe to fucc with. The plot is largely personal but the story could be anyone’s. Namaste with Tomi Owo comes across as a conscious joint as Ojini detail his verdict from various standpoints. To hit the Altè zone, the atypical element has got to be present — True Bakassi boy on his good spoken English dazzles with pidgin.

I found only 2 songs for Mojo AF but these tracks are mojoasf**k 🤣

Johnny is a fine boy that stands out in the crowd — BEFORE WE FALL ASLEEP might be one other entree in his catalogue but this album is definitive as it keeps me awake! The sound of a Ludo seed on the ludo glass board would resonate in every lame man’s ear, how about when a heartbreak song floats with this shattering sound — the song dey ok o ! There are simply too many tracks for you and your lover. Johnny be featuring Mavin stars, Styl-plus, Lagos Community Gospel Choir over 14 tracks — that’s bold ! Plus the music is nothing less. Before I Let Go as exceptional vocals that should be celebrated by Ed Sheeran and the likes… Clocks with Chylde is another soul enthralling set as he sings he’s running out of time. Before I get Lost In The Rythym let me move on !

SUBARU BoYS Final Heaven is drawn in by Brazy conjuring the cruel Santino to life. I would not miss the War in The Trenches on the way to Tapenga. Heating The Rocks is a super constructed conflict of a love sung and ends with its own staged version of ingenious folklore called SUBARU and His BOYS0. Mermaid Aqua is the tune that’s most irresistible on this set. Kids played around on set and complimented Santi’s colorful dummy runs. I find it very difficult to hold on to a meaningful lyric of this artiste — he s so spiritual…Brazbih, Ebee, Seo : yeah first time I saw those names and they all beat Santino at his Own Game !



Not sure to recommence writing for the SUBARU BoYS with a whole yard of music to pick from ; Final Champion one of them. Another would be Wicked City — strong contender for most lucid. Dirty Eyes 👀 escort us out as Skepta takes a voyage on the Nile with a boat going to Cairo.

PsychoYP embodies EUPHORIA. The trap-grime style might be noncommercial but for the alternative, it’s a solace, a paradise. +234 tells you the eminence of the Nigerian is not just in the areas’ code but in the daily paper. YP is a Target on this solid grime set with Rasstokyo and Trill Tega Koz the n***a Smokes For Free. Euphoria appears at the rear and its hard

We diverse and we let Victony bring Rexxie pon this one..

DARK TIMES is a ne plus ultra of reverse soulful music while the actors are just as spellbound. 4 songs cannot fully appreciate this talent but NATARAJA… Na uno no, no go know say Ego sweet…


Buju Benson Never Stopped that’s why we claim him. SORRY I’M LATE is quite unusual and has a total laid back bunkey feeling to it. Something Sweet for my system maybe its the guitar chords on BXBN’s tempered music or Ogechukwu stopping the show on the highlife train with the Cavemen.

I would love to reel in a concert experience with this music playing live. Congratulations to you Daniel Benson !

AYLO needs more Closure, his ambiance on sultry beats is quite fulfilling. Lillies sees Lordkez deliver bars in Del Rey’s voice variations and the artist luring his prey into the den.

Romantic is not the theme song for CLAIRSENTiENCE , Clairsentient is. The difference would be that the theme song had each dinstict sound telling the stories while Romantic had the words…

Zamir’s work FLOWERBOI4000 is just what it is — Altexclusive. He is not one to Pretend as he brings Tay Iwar to kick a different tune for his introverted rap and Bad Af is introduced — She is bad as f**k but she makes it look easy. Ordre Du Jour..Ma lo se U turn , features about 4 or 5 zamirs singing/rapping yoruba-english-french on a total party banger beat. The following bars caught my snarls …

Rolling with the same guys, Since like 5

Never told no lies

Money coming fast, Hope it lasts

Gave her all my cash for this dance, She told me what is that in my pants

I told her it’s the cash….

Original I know you like Black! The Sea has Magic detailing life levtures to e’eryone on the boat about sailing rough with his parents and the Altèculture. He sings his heart out as always with hopes of charming his sexy honey with some VoodDoo — I slept on the jam shah for a night lol — The quality of the message should tell you the hierarchy of the messenger. A track with Oriste Femi might fail to impress without Efemena’s insatiable quest. Mosaic : Rele’s Song…. is my most resilient but Never Forget with Myst sees am hip/enlightened Nigerian reminding us to use common sense. Follow the principles of oneness, accountability, transparency and cooperation the artist advocates….


P.S. THANK YOU FOR WAITING is Wavy The Creator eluncidiated medium of expressing herself. Harmonies with Wurld kicks the artistry up a notch with The Creator doing what she knows how to best. She s singing for G.A.Y.S ? Am conflicted I don’t understand this love song. Ckay and Efya would jump on Stella Riddim to create heavenly love visions as the stars shine in your Eyes — Efya’s chorus is out of this world backed on Ckay’s lovely bridge. Fuck Luv is her song of laments on the weird way Luv makes her feel … We got a Situation ; Wavy is on the Electro shii 😊 and it’s hard

The vibe I have been waiting for y’all Show Dem Camp CLoNES WAR V : THE ALGORYTHM. YKTV named after Nasty Nas’s joint has a Ghost-chorus and Tec rapping from a vantage point. This project stars Buhari as Big Liko , stay tuned as we Align with Ladipoe. Tec takes us off to space from another perspective with Ghost sparing no bars. Tomi Thomas first instalment is Rise of The Underdogs 2.

Am on the Nigerian roads while grinding for this article so I can appreciate each societal Ill. How do I Focus and Drive ? 2 lions against a 100 sheep Omo I like those odds. Big Liko (Skit) is Liko’s exposed recorded convo with Mr Lie (Lai) tryna help cover up a scandal. Tycoon brings Reminisce and MojoAF on set and innocent Mojo steals the show from these rappers. The New Norm after Covid is not what we going to get used to in a while as Ghost outlines. Tomi Thomas introduces the Vipers (SDC & Jesse Jagz) with his heart gripling Reggae music,, Jagz voice is distorted and unrecognizable by his fan. Ghost Rants as he is livid about the death of Oke another tragedy of the 20.10.2020 Lekki Massacre — this is more than just a gbedu. Tomi Owo would sings beautifully for the Human before we see Bright Skies where Ghost ends with an epilogue urging us the keep the vibe up

Onto Prettyboy’s LOVE IS WAR. The album starts with 1996 presumably his birth year. It moves on to Rodman Style/Dre’s Interlude then the Shabalistical produced vibey Hanky Panky promise you won’t stop tapping your legs. Belly Of The Beast feat Nissi dives into D-O’s troubled mind state as he chants sorrowfully at the end. Kumbaye/Mav’s Interlude comes out and am spoiled for contender of Alte song of the year, Mav’s Interlude in focus is D-O’s version of Mavins’s Room ; one I definitely Love. Omo If They Send You, tell dem you nor see me. Lord Protect My Steppings , a Pa Salieu assisted joint does the AltèGrime in pure form. Mojo AF comes out off the Broke Boy FC with D-O and their prayer is for a big signing transfer. Toyin Tomato is an ode for the light skin beauties running his heart wild as we call for Red Cross even though we got Trust Issues.

We ve had AYLO’s CLAIRSENTIENCE and it’s a total love 🐦 sing along. How about when we get to have CLAIRSENTIENCE live sung? I appreciate the standouts of the various instruments. Should have made his live concert on 19.03.2022 looking forward to the next

OLOLADE ASAKE should not be rolling with this crew. Brief bio : sings predominantly in yourba , currently signed to YBNL. Trabaye has Baddo doing a manifesto for his new boy before Sungba comes on ; a party trapper — kerosine no dey sleep, I no dey sleep at all — Omo Ope is actually topping charts right now thanks to a well-written hook and exceptional afro Ad-libs doing simple magic

Tomi Owo’s BEAUTIFUL is a soulful collection of remixes predominantly to Mastakraft’s productions. The Sigag Lauren EDM stands out for its halcyon process. The TMSKD House version is vibey and aberrant.

I definitely want more of Tomi Owo…

I ‘ld be introduced anew to Gabzy’s sounds. As Friends kicks off MALONE, Malone is cognizant that no expectations is no disappointment — this one does not want the prickles of love.

Gabzy’s recorded communication might be the discomfit in alliance with heartbreak however the lover is spoken delicately to… she Must Be Sprung ! The next set is in Brazil with Blanco and it’s for a one-way ticket from LA which might not be picked as he urges her with the finer things. Malone interlude is a conflicted introduction to who the singer-person is which is all the way Toxic…

To be continued…