Can’t Get These Outta My Head | Zack’s List of Earworms for the 2nd Week of December.

Lily Allen — “Trigger Bang” (feat. Giggs)

One of the most notable and refreshing things about Allen’s brand of pop is her candid lyrics. Her career has taken on homophobes with “Fuck You” and pop culture on with “The Fear” and “Hard Out Here”. Her 2016 album, No Shame, looks inwards towards Lily’s personal life and struggles. One of the big stand out tracks on the album is the catchy “Trigger Bang” featuring U.K. rapper Giggs. The song looks at how her social circle and lifestyle was fueling her addictions to cocaine and destroying her life. The chorus adds in gunshots at the lines, “Everyone’s a trigger bang, bang, bang, bang, bang”, alluding to the potentially fatalistic nature of her prior musing. Her honesty comes off very authentic and refreshing here. If you enjoyed her prior works, you should give this a listen. I also highly recommend the tracks “Come On Then”, “Lost My Mind”, and “Three”.

Kesha — “Resentment” (feat. Sturgill Simpson, Brian Wilson, & Wrabel)

The 2010s where an extremely difficult time for pop-electronic artist Kesha. After a long legal battle with producer Dr. Luke, Kesha was finally freed to produce music that she wanted to create. 2017’s Rainbow saw a new, more introspective and creative Kesha. Her 2020 release, High Road, continues with her more introspective and freeform brand of pop. My favorite off the album is the country tinged “Resentment” featuring Sturgill Simpson, Beach Boy’s Brian Wilson, and Wrabel. In my opinion, it’s one of Kesha’s best tracks to data. The swirl of vocals and lonely guitar really drive in the desert of animosity between these to once lovers. I was surprised to not hear this song more on radio or online. Vocally, Kesha comes off crisper and richer here than she did on her more raucous prior album. Definitely give this song a listen. I highly recommend the songs “Summer”, “Father Daughter Dance”, and “My Own Dance” a listen.

LIGHTS — Siberia

I had heard of LIGHTS through a close friend of mine, but never really gave her a listen. I found her album Siberia recently at a record store and thought I should give it a proper listen. I found her punchier brand of electronic pop to be joy to listen to. My favorite off the album is the title track, “Siberia”. It’s crunchy beats give whispers of Bjork’s Homogenic. This diving beat marries wonderfully with the electropop synths and even subtle dub-step nods in the song’s bridge. It’s definitely the biggest earworm off the album and provides a great jumping point into the rest of the album. I recommend giving “Toes”, “Flux and Flow”, and “Fourth Dimension” a listen as well.

Res — “They-Say Vision”

Sometimes you accidentally come across a forgotten gem of a track that deserves far more love than it received, that’s Res’s 2001 minor hit “They-Say Vision”. Working along side indie-pop wonder woman Santigold, Res created an otherworldly R&B/indie explosion of a song. There’s a blend of indie rock, R&B, and rap that I haven’t really heard any one recreate the same way that was here. It’s very much a lightning in a bottle kind of track to me. You will bopping around this funky number after a first minute. I can’t recommend this one enough. If you love it as much as I do, check out “Let Love”, “Ice King”, and “Golden Boys” off How I Do, you won’t regret it.

foxgluvv — “Rumour”

In my hunt for some nice indie pop, I happened upon this smooth electro number by indie pop artist foxgluvv. You get a very nice little blend of chilly electro-pop with just a dash of hyperpop in the song’s bridge. She knows there’s a rumor going around about her and she might as well address it while the tea is still piping hot. If you enjoy a tasteful little nod to the 80s in your pop, you need to hear all about this rumor. The tracks “Desperately Seeking Susan” and “Fashion Hurts” are also delightful treats off of foxgluvv’s I Never Felt Hollywood EP.



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