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Drip Season 4Ever

Ayomikun Boyede
Modern Music Analysis
4 min readFeb 4, 2022


Gunna Wunna could not have chosen a better time to round off the drip 💦 season than now. Being a disciple of Drip Season myself — the anticipation was sky high for my last season to drip with Gunna again but surprisingly he was laid back in this project (blame the lean and Adderall). Presumably mirroring the theme climaxing era, the trap on Metro, Wheezy and Turbo’s insane sound was grim nonetheless.

On DS4EVER, young wunna brings his lifelong aficionadas the dogma it took to go ‘from rags to riches’. “missing me” made for opps and homies alike. He quips…’I’m hearing voices in my head sayin’, “Boy, give ’em hell”

Gettin’ on a yacht, we ‘bout to sail, and they pray that we fail…

Life can be cruel, to wunna it’s not been less fair, he records it all clearly in one song. He zings…’I was hoping that you’d notice me (Notice me)

I’m in the sky, baby, shine like a star, baby (Star, baby) …

The trap game’s earned an intemperate mentor in Future 📡 and it’s just right he comes through with thugger on “pushin p”. The back and forth btw features artistes might not be great sometimes but Thugger shines through…’…uh, uh, bought the ‘Ghini

And I don’t pop pink man, uh, ah, uh

Okay, bought her a P, not a pill, a Porsche’. Pushin on “poochie gown” — Metro Boomin’s first 😵cooked track brings the beast out of Gunna for real…Just like the song, this shit got hot, I’m tellin’ my shooter to chill (Hot)

Bought a mansion off Papermill’

Mike-Will-Made-It “thought I was playing” when he brought 21 out instead of Metro — This FN hold choppa bullets, it’s a AK in my hand…🎎’ 21 Savage as a sick flow; the man just

raps magic…killers (Pussy)

I’m your wifey surgeon, dawg, I give her lip fillers (Pussy)

SF90 cost a M, dumped his Glock like Ye did Kim (21) 😫…’ Wunna brings Drake out on P Power and the track fails to impress. The topics start to be repetitive about this point in the album.

Say Gunna Wunna (Run that back Turbo) …Kodak shows up on “how you did that”. Two takes: one, Kodak should have performed the chorus solo. Two, Gunna should have done his second verse solo too. He wants to sing his heart out but might have stepped apart for the chorus of this joint. “alotta cake” where his artistry starts to hit closer to what I foreseen is gone before “livin wild” starts…’…why me, baby?)

You know every day, we livin’ life

Up and downs and shit, goin’ through shit

Going through changes, and you know what…’ Young gunna is real and raps his ghetto gospel…shit get hard on a nigga, I hardly show my feelings

Look up to see stars, but I’m realizing God…

The doc’ didn’t care who thе richest, I need to be admitted

“you and me feat Chloe” is the R&B trap sung sampling Jon B’s viral hit 👊 “They Don’t Know” and Gunna does a great job singing for the ladies. From “south to west” is unpredicted and would impress you if you choose to play midway first…’…money stretch from south to the west (Stretch)

Lawyers the best, get home with a check (Yeah)

He done fucked up, put some dough on his headGunna has a fiery trap in his lungs, we need to be reminded as he🧨 spazzed…We had the longest sex

Good pussy, bitch off of Bouldercrest…

A couple of Wheezy produced tracks underline the star features: “25k jacket” with Lil Baby, “too easy” with Future’ and the remix would be more tracks with the same wings tho’ Roddy Ricch extends the singing range on the remix, Gunna trynna outsing e’eryone. “Idk with that Bitch” sounds just like “Mop”.

The Drip Season gets “flooded”, an extensive rap song about all the designers he acquired comes to life. “Life of Sin” , his most conscious joint pulls off nicely with a matured wunna singing…’…heard it come and go (Uh), money, cars, and clothes (Uh)

Platinum, gold, and rose (Uh), lawyer, case closed…’. Nechie is also allotted a verse to vent all by himself. “die alone” would have hit a masterpiece R&B symphony but something about breezy didn’t just make it pop. Yung Bleu has a verse to remember on the track anyway and he bends the yardstick.

“so far ahead > empire” is the juggernaut at 5.37mins. Taurus and Turbo created 🔨 some magic here, Gunna is so far ahead…’ I’m glad I make my own noise

Puttin’ in that work, I done became a rich man, I was a poor boy…’ the joint should be Gunna’s favorite as he warped the samples and voice reeds on every side with conscious topics to dash off a drip season. He jettison’s his heart as he brings you into the world you probably helped him create…’…I’m just tryna remain rich as fuck and you know how that be //

Gettin’ it in back like when they used to get it like ten a key //

Businessman, got my business plan inside a Louis brief.

Editor’s rating out of 10– — 7.5