Heaux Tales by Jazmine Sullivan | Album Review

Jazmine Sullivan’s 2021 album expertly takes the power back in Heaux Tales.

I just wanted to tell the untold stories of women. I feel like society makes it seem like we have to be perfect and present ourselves a certain way to be considered a good woman. We’re so very layered and multidimensional and we have stories to tell, and they’re all not great stories but that’s what makes us who we are.To be honest, I had a moment after a really bad breakup that had gotten physical. I’ve talked about it since it happened, but it was around the time Love Me Back, my second album, had came out. I had moved on from the situation and thought I healed from the trauma of it all, and as life went on, I realized that I didn’t. I was still kind of acting out a lot of the hurt and pain that I had experienced. After that time, I felt a little ashamed about the things that I did and I allowed myself to do… I feel like that’s everybody’s story, and I wanted to allow women to feel like it’s OK to go through the normal things we go through. As long as you learn from those things, you’re still good, sis. You’re still a good woman.

Jazmine would gather her closest friends together to speak their truths in rounds of candid and cleansing tales of sexuality.

The official music video to “Pick Up Your Feelings” directed by
  • Put It Down
  • On It
  • Price Tags
  • Lost One
  • The Other Side



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