Gbagada Express by Boj

Gbagada Express by Boj | Album Review

Ayomikun Boyede
Modern Music Analysis


I dey hustle non-stop Omo if I no get money I fuck up. We undoubtedly dawdled on Boj at the express for this oddity of an album. Tinu Ewe veered the gear on the ALTÈ lane — the record started for me with Lekki Love as BNXN taper his flavored slow dance tune, Boj seamlessly took the yield of the baton and in btw just so we don’t overlook, Fresh L is the Altè rap god 🦁
..//Yeah I got right one, other ones left them out
Want to be the reason you high, let me collect the loud..//

Hold on the Awolowo for a handful as we go Confam🌟 ,, PrettyBoy D-O bounces on a jolly ride performing music solely entitled to him. Boj amplifies a fast raggae beat which he knows his crony would love. See your body confirm.

Get Out Of The Way a travk I perceive would have been inspired by TeeZee and Psycho YP both. At this point on the highway, we get snagged In A Loop with Moliy and Melissa …Wha we fi do? keep it on a low. A fast-lived love tale is given an account of — a not-so-comfortable ending for Boj. TeeZee has the interlude and he deh Yarn Many.

Emotions🌟 has a melody with a pitch that goes beyond Boj straight into his upper echelon bad man lover mode ..//and na me and you go fit solve them,, tell me baby why you acting so insecure..// Boj divulges his insecurity in a rapid verse — this admission intentionally wheezes his artistry to life. Victony has his song Unconsciously and it’s a fascinating one. His mercurial smog savouring an already delightful voyage. Money & Laughter 🌟 with Zamir and Amaarae exceptional, exceptional music. A thrill of the Editor. Abracadabra — Mr Eazi and Davido materializes to tread the Altèfrobeat sound on the streets long months before the project’s arrival. Oya Action Boyz — Boj & Obongayar gbe mi lo Gbagada Express 🙋🏾‍♂️ lol