Erhiga Agarivbie. Erigma. Paper Boy

‘High’ feat Krista bumped unto my playlist and I almost switched my player back on ‘Riddim’ but Jay Teaser’s high strung afrobeats egged the song on. Granted that, Krista did a fantastic job at executing both the hook and bridge.
While I am sufficiently receptive to the painful stacks of years and studio time it took Paperboy to curate the superior Warri-Rap, it’s a delight Jay Teaser can be the foil for a moving train.

‘Rockstar’, an over-ambitious conscious rap fix outsets in this fashion…” they want to kill the energy, they want to take my place but I serve a living God…If I fuck up na me ‘cos am… but I can’t give up am a gangster I was made for this…watin my eye see…Erigga holds his verses concise, witty, delectable and relatable…”na why i japa leave them for Warri fly-over, who know me well know say I don try over, the road wey you dey pass go house na person clear am, dat toto wey you dey enjoy na person tear am…I no be small pikin but you wan wound me with Boobs ah ah watin ??

on ‘Sunday Morning’ sef when some people dey for church, the devil is on my bed oh, as I dey give am e dey scream for help — Jay Teaser croons wickedly through the trackkk. Paperboy in d first verse beseeches his estranged lover for a romp on Sunday’s dawn. She replies in verse two as he raps on: “…She say Erigga you be devil get behind me, watin she forget say that na my favourite sex pose (POSE)…She say no worry paper take me anyhow you want, my boyfriend no dey town and i dey travel go GH (GH)

‘Big Man’ my special track on STRANGE VIBES is all Jay Teaser’s with Erigga matching his rhythmic effervesce with the best rap verse…”Big Man I no be your mate o, Big man you no go relate o, solid as a rock and metal, you just cant break me period “ Jay Teaser teases.

It would be just natural BLACK ON BOTH SIDES by Def was my vibe item before some STRANGE VIBES crept up and it rounds out sufficiently as the rap-check while ROOTS by The Cavemen is the south-east afrobeat check.

Fave’s RIDDIM 5 was all over my sound network — a Perfect blend of Alte, Alternative and Hip Music is up next…




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