Lost by Linkin Park | Song Review

A quick look at the unreleased track from 2003’s Meteora

Mark Chinapen
Modern Music Analysis
2 min readFeb 10


Source: Consequence.net.

Linkin Park’s second studio album Meteora will celebrate its 20th anniversary this March, in anticipation of its milestone (and upcoming 20th-anniversary reissue) the band has dug deep into the archives and dropped an unreleased song titled “Lost”. A fan favourite that for nearly 20 years was nothing more than a snippet/demo has finally been released in full. Recorded during the Meteora era, the song bares many sonic cues and nuances similar to a majority of the material from this album.

Production wise “Lost” feels right at home with the rest of the album, based on its use of synths and drum patterns it would fit well next to “Breaking the Habit” and “From the Inside”. Its structure resembles the many nu-metal ballads that make up most of Meteora, so in some ways, I could also see why it was left on the cutting room floor.

Lyrically, “Lost” doesn’t shy away from the album’s main themes of depression, anger, and loneliness. Chester sings about being trapped in the past and not being able to break away from it, convincing himself that he’s become lost and disillusioned by it. Mike Shinoda provides backing vocals on the track, echoing Chester’s conclusion.

Overall “Lost” is a decent track from Linkin Park’s Meteora era, seeing it get the full official release after so long will certainly please die-hard fans. Meteora’s 20th-anniversary reissue is slated to release this April, based on the tracklist it looks like it’ll contain hours upon hours of demos, remixes, and more. As my personal favourite album of mine, I’m eagerly looking forward to what’s to come.

Linkin Park also dropped an anime-inspired video for “Lost”, which you can check out here.