Press EP by Flora Cash | Album Review

Flora Cash’s 2019 EP takes us on sullen indie pop journey into relationships and making your way.

“…play out the story as it sounds… because that really was our experience, the feeling that you’re being shut out of the ‘old boy’s club,’ or whatever, that you’re not hanging out with the cool kids and you gotta struggle to get in — and then you got bills to pay.”

The official music video to “They Own This Town” directed by

“The song was sparked by that period of sadness we talked about. We both wrote it together, but it was actually me talking to myself — I felt like I was not myself; I was projecting my normal self, but I did not feel my normal self. And I thought about Shpresa — ‘the part of you that you see only when you are older’. I think that sometimes we see things in ourselves and people that they don’t see — the seed that is going to bloom throughout a person’s life. I see little seeds of a personally — like in my siblings– you can see seeds in little children. Like I see a child as a grandfather someday…that may be the best part of people but they can’t see it themselves.”

The official music video to “You’re Somebody Else” directed by



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