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Summer Breeze by Tay Iwar | Album Review

Ayomikun Boyede
Modern Music Analysis


Would not rule a lengthy writing out for Tay, this is an artiste I’ve kept an eye on for a fair number of years… this study of SUMMER BREEZE is earnestly comfited.

Undercover Lover with Twelve XII swoons his lover with dangerous pick-up lines , the song is smooth just as the criminals behind it , XII buzzes … “ Hello hello baby hello “The theme of the jam is his surreal duet and support Adlibs for Tay to run riot.

Summer Breeze with Juls is a tempered Afrobeat, someplace in between a wizkid sampling … cold summer breeze what a sweet release I need, the breeze is from his pills; what is unsure is how he is indulging, what he needs the release from or who he wants on this ride … // before she wakes up, better bake up , leave 4 tokes in her … //

The latest breeze no doubts brings Healing ❤️‍🩹
Healing is a passion tale of a distinct love life , one badly influenced by his own torrid feelings and imbalanced lifestyle…
The man is of a serpentine nature and prefers to heal from the lady’s stress .. // I’m getting lose tonight, kill all of my worries with champagne and I don't wanna play the losing game //

Juice with Knucks, a simple brass production draws in the lady to go loose. Knucks tried to get her off guard …” She’s so uptight, tryna make that loose... Put your leg in use… She ain't used to a youth that move like Federer, love then deuce“
Tay swindles back and pushes to make her lay off her juice because of how bad she is.

Bon Appetit with IDK .. Tay was talking about funds in this record and just as Bon Appetit 😋 signifies IDK had unrelenting verve to break it down further with his own version of a well-versed sumptuous meal.

Don’t Lie 🌟 is a standout melody in the artist's finest moment, he gets at it easy by riding waves with his twisted stories exquisitely depicted on heart-wrenching radio-type rhythms.
The love and lie story judges so genuine you prolly relate to this one.

Broken Promises is with Kojey Radical 🌟 Tay prolly took off the finest pieces of the extended play for later. A broken promise can be sad but this is engaging in its pure Altè start... You know, you know // I Dey for you // You know….
Kojey verse is bullish, straight from the heart and classic - a masterclass my people.

Soul Searching sounds like a melody that’s going viral and the samples sound very close some Kid Cudi song I can't find 🔍
He evangelizes love and yearns for it - would he ever cease searching?

Parting words:-
The introduction of each song is quite exceptional on the extended play, makes each turn unique. A plethora of UK artists making the mixtape 🔥 swirl with the African English accent while each verse was well concealed in Tay’s unravelling mind. He shot at masterclass and didn’t fall far off the mark !

blessed : Mohbad
the more the better : Tekno
world music radio : Jon Baptiste