Paybac Iboro
Paybac Iboro is the West African GOAT

WEST AFRICAN GOAT by Paybac Iboro ||Album Review

Ayomikun Boyede
Modern Music Analysis


Unfurling this from OLOUN! Swear to God we’re gon pop! There’s a story being told by Paybac’s spokesman about the Kid, the Goat, the Fire and here it gets to the peak — it’s a revolt for the West African Kid while Payper was doing something else with the beat, Paybac went crazy 😧

Over to SPIRIT🌟🌟 , Paybac is at the peak of his powers and wants to spazz, I feel at this point his voice is broken up — Lp made him chill and stole the rap show for the track on a tempered chorus curated for Lagos hustlers. He would be back on the 3rd uncontainable…//Strapped with machete beside, Cos niggas would rather drop diss songs while boko haram niggas is shedding our lives. Big dogs why…//

GOAT CHOP LION 🌟 instantly paints the mural for the album with mind-splitting bars for the west african goat repping the Naija hip-hop game. A shout-out rings to Odumodublvck another GOAT repping west africa for a joint link-up in Abuja.

First time I wrote for Paybac was for CULT! in HipHopInGreenAndWhite. ’Tis time round I’m doing a whole project for him. ’Tis album is a testament to belief, grind, hard work and hustle. You got to —

SACRIFICE 🌟 is a fire track this artiste must’ve done dark magic on. I see a mixture of Jcole and Pac in Paybac’s artistry…”This ART I’m writing. Bros this shit so hard got ARThritis, I found di faya in the darkness with the spark of…’ His guys joining in the para bridge for olopas them is art for geniuses only.

LAND OF THE TIFF ft Viveeyan, the first to follow the album’s theme follows through on the story of the kid from track 2 by the spokesman — the album is vibey, I didn’t expect less from a Naija rapper.

MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO plow deeper into the artiste’s plight — his worsening nigerian economy and insists young phishers only learnt from the politicians; we are reminded…//the tree no dey fall far from the fruit…// This jam ushers us into a worthy CNN headliner for all the wrong reasons.

STORY OF HUSHPUPPI ft 3rty has a song and a story in it. This story is a voguish one for the most popular internet scammer in the world. HUSHPUPPI is exclusively featured claiming his driver earns more than a state commissioner rightly so brother.

BROTHER BARTO🌟 is a good jibe for his fellow countryman’s laziness in the blight we live in. The artiste is a preacher and a poet, he asserts all the vices that lead the young man astray even the married ones — smoking, gambling, alcoholism. The spokesman comes at the end to inspirit the sure boys to stay grinding. A worthy introduction to —

EKERE’S SONG🌟🌟 🌟, a sad ballad for Ekere. Part B switches the tune with Paybac stepping forward from his sister’s spoken epitaph, weeps and raps for Ekere divulging to her why he was on the run …//last time we spoke you told me shey you coming home right? And i stayed back to write exams that’s fucking dumb … I finally got money for my surgery! To remove this lump from my body! You know the one that has me…//

DANFO TO THE HEADIES🌟 is the salute to the rise in his fame being nominated twice at the HEADIES. I swear Paybac gon’ pop!

BURY ME FOR GOLD🌟 ft Alpha Ojini & Ozone, is the first single Paybac shared to set the stage for the full body of work. OZ is rare on tracks these days but Ojini makes sure we dont feel that…”Wanna know the one thing that makes me smile the most I never did what I was told, Man I’m made from a different mold. When I die bury me in gold!”…


Feed Tha Streets III — Roddy Rich

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Talented featuring Barzini

Look Me Less featuring Elveektor


Talented featuring Barzini



Ekere’s Song