Why I Love Medium

And why I’m creating The Multiverse

Medium is more than a well-designed site and a carefully thought-out blogging platform: it is a community. Best yet, its users are some of the most interesting people on the planet.The stupidity that has come to define comments on YouTube and practically everywhere else is nowhere to be found. Medium is a place where you can read a diversity of perspectives, where you can learn about near any topic, and where you can see a glimpse of the world through the eyes of another person. Medium contains stories of humor, of laughter and sadness, of the trials of life and about the meaning of life. It contains information on graphic design, on computer programming, on understanding and interpreting life. With the exception that it can be really hard to get people to read what you write, I couldn’t ask for a better place to begin writing for an audience: Medium really feels like it’s for everyone’s stories and ideas.

One of the great features of medium is that medium encapsulates a number of “publications” — collections of essays that allow medium’s users to organize their stories around common themes, collaborating with other users who produce similar content. Many of these publications put out excellent stories on a regular basis.

Medium needs a publication with a focus on fiction. That’s why I created The Multiverse. The Multiverse is a publication for fictional stories and works about writing fiction. When an author writes a work of fiction, they create a personal universe from naught but the stuff of their imagination; The Multiverse is a constellation of the universes created by the writers of Medium.

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