10 Useful ML Practices For Python Developers

Fast bug-free coding

Pratik Bhavsar
Feb 26, 2020 · 5 min read

→ ML in production series

Just because we can make models doesn’t mean we are gods. It doesn’t give us the freedom to write crap code.

1. Learn to write abstract classes

2. Fix your seed at the top

3. Get started with a few rows

4. Anticipate failures(sign of a mature developer)

5. Show the progress of processing

6. Pandas can be slow

import modin.pandas as pd

7. Time the functions

Not all functions are created equal.

8. Don't burn money on cloud

Nobody likes an engineer who wastes cloud resources.

Let’s be a bit responsible and not generate CO2. 😅

9. Create and save reports

Anyways, management love reports right? 😆

10. Write great APIs

All that ends bad is bad.

Meet the combo — Fastapi + uvicorn

pip install fastapi uvicorn
uvicorn main:app --workers 4 --host --port 8000


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