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PyTorch For NLP

Let’s get rocking

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Why learn PyTorch?

  • The stats are showing that PyTorch is the framework for neural modelling and is going to stay for a while
  • People kept saying that PyTorch is not yet ready for production but it's not true anymore as companies are adopting it now
  • If you want to understand the new models and paper, most of them will be in PyTorch and will require you to know decent level PyTorch
  • PyTorch is very intuitive to understand
  • PyTorch has never frustrated me 😝

Why I wrote this?

There are many tutorials out there and the majority of them are on Computer Vision — GANs and stuff. The info on NLP with PyTorch is a bit scattered and it took me a while to figure out the best.

I hope with the below resources, you will have a better time than me.

1. Learn all the basics of PyTorch

2. Understand what is torch.nn

3. Get view inside PyTorch by Jeremy Howard

4. Learn more NLP from Fastai. This has the best code for transformer

5. Learn to write BERT in PyTorch

6. Learn to play with model layers in PyTorch

7. Understand PyTorch internals

8. Understand PyTorch in depth

9. Learn to add a new model to Hugging Face Transformers library

10. Insane transfer learning tutorial

BONUS: Understand PyTorch design

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