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I’m spending Christmas morning with the Apple helpline guy. After writing about my daughter’s iPhone addiction, I got blasted by tech lovers: I shouldn’t belittle my daughter’s Apple love; I should share in her enthusiasm and steer her toward more creative tech pursuits. So when her grandparents were at a loss over what to buy their grandchild for Christmas, I — at a loss myself — suggested an iPad and an Apple Pencil. I asked my husband’s goddaughter (a grad student in video game design) for more advice. She recommended art app Procreate. But tech is never simple, at least not for luddites like me. I set up the device, but couldn’t buy the app. Something went wrong. So here I sit, alone, on hold, as the iPad updates, and the support service person has gone eerily silent. Ho Ho Ho!

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SG Buckley

Writer, editor, parent. Former staffer at Quartz, WSJ and Inc. magazine.