Navigating our Child’s Autism Diagnosis

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash
  1. We recognized the need to be flexible with him so that we could be a good support system. To that end, we have moved to three different cities to find the services he needs and the best education possible.
  2. We set short-term and long-term goals for him. We discovered that our son was a treasure box. We never knew what he was hiding, but when he revealed it to us, we often felt marveled by it. For example, our son taught himself to read by age 3. We used that surprise to set up the goal to use it to our advantage to help develop his speech. The long-term goal is to have functional communication with other people, but the short-term goal has been to increase the length of utterances in his speech word-by-word.
  3. We spend time together as a family. We include our youngest son in the family game night and start the night off with a game he likes or is willing to play. After losing interest, we switch to a better game for the older kids and us. The same can be done with television or movie nights.
  4. All of the previous things mentioned would not be possible if we didn’t commit ourselves to maintain hope. Having hope is no easy task. Quite frankly, it’s easy to become discouraged or even frustrated. However, we know that every kid is different and responds differently to interventions. We don’t know what will happen in the future, but our hope lies in the fact that we know our son will always feel the love from his family and that our commitment to him will help him become the best version of himself.

Dependable husband, father to 3 human children and 4 fur-children, sports enthusiast, music connoisseur (my wife would disagree) and lastly, watcher of the TV.

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