Until your eyes close

a poem for the sleep deprived

dad holding hands with sleeping baby

Nurse you, cuddle you, until your eyes close.
Until your breathing slows.
Until your grip relaxes.
My boy, you have to practice.

We’ll take this slow, for both our sakes
the trying to let go.
Who knows how many nights this will take?
But this is how you grow.

I’d keep you little if I could
but mama needs some sleep.
Without it, you’ll be cranky,
but mama sinks in deep.

I don’t blame you for my depression
cause darling, you’re the cure.
This hole I’m in, is black sometimes,
but I’ll be back, I’m sure.

Together for so long,
you right here next to me.
It’s gradual but sudden,
I need space desperately.

For you to sleep, for me to sleep
now that’s a simple goal.
Maybe one day when we awake
I can climb out of this hole.

words 14 months postpartum
photo 6 months postpartum

Newish mom, writing my way out of postpartum depression. Oldish photographer, telling stories about families, love and life.

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