10 Benefits of Being a Minimalist

A minimalist lifestyle influences how we direct our attention and what we do to enrich our lives. Some think it’s akin to living a frugal lifestyle in which we deprive ourselves of worldly things. Others just don’t understand why anyone would want to have an empty house.

I’d say being a minimalist is about being careful of how we invest our greatest resources — our time and energy. Being a minimalist is easy. It comes down to one simple question: “Is this necessary?”

Of course there’s the obvious upside — like quickly being able to locate possessions without having an avalanche tumble out of the closet upon opening the door. Yet, the real advantages can be deeply life enhancing. While the benefits are innumerable, I’ve concisely created a list of 10.

1. Enhanced Creativity

A minimalist lifestyle changes how we perceive our society’s bombardment of advertisements. No longer do we feel compelled to constant consumerism. By consuming less, we create a deeper meaning to everything we decide to use. We reduce our overall intake, reuse and recycle. We find alternative ways to have our needs met without spending a great deal of time, energy or money.

2. Strong Understanding of What Matters Most

We’re able to decide on an appropriate quantity of belongings then rid our homes of anything unneeded to hone in on the quality of our space. What’s considered “necessary” is different for everyone. Being a minimalist simply means consciously keeping our number of possessions to a minimum, while still having everything we find valuable to our quality of life.

3. Sense of Confidence

When we become aware of what’s most important to us, we experience a consequential sense of confidence. We establish standards and are more likely to uphold them, ensuring a meaningful life based on what feels right for us.

4. Likelihood to Take on Entrepreneurial Risks

When we intentionally live with less, we have less need to hold a certain level of income. As a result, we’re more willing to take on new ventures we desire. When our salary is deducted from the career-choice equation, we are free to pick a career based on meaningful factors, such as doing what we really want.

5. Clarity of Mind

Reducing our belongings to only our favorites, it’s easy to make basic daily decisions, like what to wear. Not having to spend extra time making trivial decisions allows us to reserve our energy for more important matters, like achieving our main objectives.

6. Sustainable Wellness

Maintaining physical, mental and spiritual health requires reservations for it all. Imagine a world where we didn’t have to spend the majority of our days working soul-crushing jobs just to maintain a lifestyle of excess luxury. When we strip down to the essentials, we have more time and energy to live in the moment, pursue our passions and grow as individuals. Having less stuff to juggle means having less stress. Living simply means embracing a lifestyle that promotes wellbeing with ease.

7. Accountability For Actions

When we clear out unnecessary items and activities from our lives, we reclaim our time and are filled with a sense of purpose. We feel motivated to do what we’ve set out to do because our direction is clear. By only having a few commitments, we take them seriously. We filter our judgements and place a greater importance on transferring our thoughts in a clear and cohesive way.

8. Radiant Gratitude

Selling unused valuables and donating to charity contributes to a world of abundance. Somewhere out there, there’s someone who needs exactly what we have. Instead of storing and accumulating stuff in fear of letting it go, we can make other people’s lives better by helping them attain what they need. By letting go of our attachment to material goods, we come to have a greater appreciation for the simple pleasures that many take for granted.

9. Less Chores

Having less clutter means having more space. As we get rid of excess from our wardrobes, kitchen and living areas, we’re able to spend less time maintaining it all. There’s less laundry to do, less to dust and more time to enjoy the finer things in life.

10. Remarkable Productivity

Living with essentials makes life uncomplicated. When things go smoothly, we can become much more efficient in our daily lives. By removing unnecessary obligations, we save time, energy and money. We can accomplish everything we want to when our focus is narrowed down to the main objectives needed to achieve our greater, long-term dreams.

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