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Modern Swinging Submission Guidelines

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Modern Swinging is a source for people that participate in the Swinging Lifestyle to come to for advice, to tell their own swing stories, and to find a sense of community with others that choose to share their partners with others sexually. Swinging is a unique club that only those within the confines of it “get.” With that in mind, thousands of couples lack the resources for research, comradery, and insight when setting our on their swinging journey or when seeking fellowship with others in the LS.

Enter: Modern Swinging.

Modern Swinging Editor, Keeva Black, has been a swinger for over 10 years. Her husband, Mr. Black, is often referenced in her pieces and co-writes with her to produce a veteran couple’s take on different interactions they’ve had within the swinger world. We are trying to build a community of like-minded people that can cultivate a place for swingers to come to on the regular.

Do you have some pertinent counsel that you can offer other couples?

Have you had a unique swinger experience that you would like to tell others about?

What is something you’ve learned about being in the Lifestyle that you feel could benefit another couple?

Has something awful happened to you that you’d like to warn others to look for?

We are looking for the good, the bad, and the so/so parts of Swinging! We don’t shy away from some of the uglier sides of the LS! The most important quality in any submission should be honesty! Write as if you were talking to your best friend. Genuineness is vital when submitting to Modern Swinging! We want real stories about the experiences of people from all walks of life.

How To Submit

If you have not published with Modern Swinging before, please email Keeva Black at to submit a draft or story idea. Links to Medium “drafts” are preferred, but you may submit directly to an e-mail message, too. If your story is accepted, we will add you to the writer’s list and you can submit future pieces by selecting “Add to Publication” from the story management menu.

Content Guidelines

  • All submissions must comply with Medium’s Rules and Ad-Free Policy. Partner Program stories must also comply with Medium’s Content Guidelines and Curation Guidelines.
  • We only accept original content. We want pieces that people can only find here (besides your own blog/Medium profile). This ensures that our publication is consistent and one of a kind. Writers may at any time, ask for their pieces to be taken down so that they may be submitted elsewhere.
  • We only accept non-fiction pieces. A little embellishment is fine to keep readers in the game, but honesty is important. This is not an erotica publication, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell your hot real-life sex stories.
  • Please submit pieces that are polished, free of grammar/spelling issues, flow well, and convey your message clearly.
  • Try to keep your article read time between 4 and 12 minutes. Research has shown this is the “sweet spot” for most Medium readers.
  • We do not accept pieces that are written with the purpose of self-promotion. Please save the self-promotion for the bio at the end of your article.
  • Have an appropriate title and subtitle. Poke around Modern Swinging or other similar publications for example.
  • Include a featured image immediately below the subtitle. Only use images that you have a legal right to use and properly cite your source. This also goes for any additional images you may use within your article. If you can’t find an image, we are happy to help with this!
  • Language is important! Overly vulgar, disrespectful, or derogatory words are not necessary and won’t be accepted. While we love a good place pussy and an appropriately timed cock, let’s not overindulge here, folks.
  • While we don’t pay ourselves, Medium does! M.S. encourages writers to submit Medium member-only (gated paywall) pieces. You should get paid for your work!
  • We reserve the right to reject any submissions we do not think are a fit to our message or overly reflect the swinging community in a bad light.

Note: All submitted articles are subject to editing for grammar, spelling, formatting, and minor language fixes. We will not change your overall narrative, but may change simple things like formatting, titles, subtitles, line breaks, or insert simple words for flow/grammar. We will do our best to make sure your piece has superb readability for Medium readers and the internet as a whole. We will do this editing automatically before publication, but if you want to review any edits before that, please inform us via e-mail.



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