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The Poke: What will it take?

Fast asleep, in a dream-like story I was floating along walking between multiple rooms in a conference centre wearing a pair of Birkenstocks and sporting a Daniel Wellington watch. Something feels eary in this story. It’s usually cold by now, I usually need to cover up with a jacket. It’s still warm, and sometimes I walk out in my jeans and long-sleeved top only to need to take it off straight away.

The cafe I am on my way to is just across the road and so I look both ways and go to cross and then slip over and…HUH! My eyes open, it’s late at night and I’d thrown the doona off as I frantically awoke from my dream.

“The realisation of ignorance is the first act of knowing.” — Jean Toomer

“Am I dreaming?” I ask myself often in an attempt to lucid dream. Sometimes I’m unsure as I look around and come to realise that maybe we are all in just another version of a dream. After all, we are all being pulled in to face the greatest challenge we have faced as a species and many of us simply aren’t aware.

There was a study that found that if you gave a monkey the option of having one banana now or 6 bananas later, they would always choose to have one now. Why wouldn’t you? What’s the point in thinking about our survival in years to come, let’s just ensure that NOW is great!

Now here’s another of those funny paradoxes; in this modern world, many of us get caught in stints of anxiety about our own future and find it challenging to be in the present. Collectively though, we are great at avoiding the implications 7, 5, 2, even 1 generation out from now.

What will our poke be? What will it take to catapult us into being aware that each of us can make a significant difference with our daily actions and behaviours?

Chances are that if you’re reading this and you’ve read all the way down to here, you are already aware of this. So this article is to not have you become aware, but more so to ask the question and invite conversation around how do we as facilitators of the #ModernTribe invite others in? How can we gently invite others to broaden perspectives, question habits and out-dated rituals?

Love to hear some of your thoughts or reflections on how you’ve done this in your own communities and microcosms. We can deepen our own sustainable living practices, but there is a large community out there that simply aren’t even aware.

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