Mastering Meteor + Redux — Syllabus

Okay class, settle down settle down. Please take your seats. Welcome to my new series, “Mastering Meteor, Redux and other stuff that you should probably know if you want to build great applications”.

I was never good at naming things, you should see my variable names :)

My name is Abhi Aiyer, I am a Software Engineer at I focus on client application architecture and all around Meteor bad-assery. I have a Ph.D, in being “awesome” as my friend Ben Strahan would say, and I love writing about software!

In all seriousness, after the first series I did as the intro to Meteor and Redux, I received tons of requests wanting more content. Many people wanted more advanced solutions, plus using all the goodies Meteor 1.3 has to offer. Now that we all can write code like other JavaScript developers around the world, I say we tackle this want for more.

I’ll tell you straight up this is going to be challenging but really fun!

Before you embark on this journey, make sure to go through the multi-part tutorial I wrote, introducing Redux concepts to Meteor development. It is now refreshed for Meteor 1.3, and a great place to start!

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Setup

Part 3: Domain

Part 4: Reducers and Stores

Part 5 : Components

You can check out my Crater Conference talk which inspired everything!

This series is going to go over: (SYLLABUS):

1. The Command Pattern

The Command Pattern allows you to encapsulate business logic so you can decouple your total system from i.e. UI logic, 3rd party libraries, etc. We’ll go in depth over the pattern, history, and how Redux is simply another flavor of this pattern.

2. UI State vs Domain State

The word state gets thrown around too much. Let’s clear this up. Once and for all.

3. Building Minesweeper

This 3 part tutorial will go over building a Minesweeper game using Redux and relying on the Meteor build tool to manage your JavaScript Fatigue

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

And that will conclude my blogging marathon.

If you’re ready for this shit, tweet me @abhiaiyer on Twitter.

Let’s GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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