Looking for a Co-Owner for the Modern Women Publication

It’s time to pass the torch

Megan Llorente
Modern Women


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Modern Women is my sweet baby that I birthed in December 2021.

I wanted a place for women to share what’s most important to them. Because what matters to you is likely what matters to other women.

I’m now in a place in my life where I’m spending less and less time writing on Medium. I’ve still been actively publishing, but the craving of my soul is that editing takes a back seat soon too.

So I’m on the search for someone who wants to join me as a Co-Owner of Modern Women. I want to stay on board for now but eventually fade to the background while someone else who’s inspired takes over.

We have a few fellow editors at Modern Women but they are also juggling much in their lives and aren’t editing as often anymore either.

Interested to join me?

I’m looking for someone who is:

  • Committed to publishing and elevating the work of other writers
  • Eager to edit frequently so writers get their work out there quickly
  • Excited to bring new ideas and evolve the publication

This isn’t a light role. It’s an opportunity to carry the torch for the future of this publication. And it’s all voluntary so it has to come from within.

What’s Next?

If you’re interested, pop me an email to megan@yourmoderncoach.com.

I won’t be making decisions on this from an application-basis. I’m going to decide based on the “proof in the pudding.”

This means that I’ll add you on as an editor. And over the coming weeks, I’ll get to know your editing style, we’ll talk lots and see if becoming a Co-Owner is truly the right fit.

I may be vetting multiple people at once. It all depends on who comes through the grapevine and expresses interest.

I want to make a thoughtful choice for the future of Modern Women. Someone who is there for the long haul, and if/when they need to move on in life (like me currently), that they will find the next best person to carry it forward too.

I don’t want this lovely publication to fizzle out. I want it to come back stronger than ever.

So, if you’re interested, please reach out and let’s go from there ❤️

With love,



Megan Llorente
Modern Women

Love is the answer ❤️ Certified Coach, Children’s Books Author, Avid Entrepreneur. Creator of 2 Pubs: Modern Women & MIDFORM. Find me @ Meganllorente.com