The Impact of Alexa on Brands, Designing Great Conversations, Why Agile Teams Fail, and More

Shopping via Voice Will Eliminate The Way We See Brands as We Know Them →

No packaging, no logos, and no price to consider when shopping through voice queries. “The foreshadowing of the death of brand, at the hand of voice, can be seen in search queries. Fewer and fewer contain a brand prefix or modifier.”

3 Secrets to Designing Perfect Conversations→

Conversational bots with the strongest personalities had the highest rate of retention. Maybe branding in the age of voice may not be completely irrelevant after-all.

How Kanye Created a New Model For the Modern Artist→

We can all learn from how Kanye has embraced the real-time nature of the internet to connect with his followers through viral provocations, intimate honesty, and real-time creative expression.

Why Agile Product Teams Fail If They Are Not Outcome Focused→

The secret to agile-at-scale is intentionality, and agile does not replace a sound strategy and great ideas to capitalize on the articulated opportunities.

The Dawn Of Programmable Organizations→

We’re on the cusp of many new kinds of organizations and value exchanges due to Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies. What happens when people and groups will be able to exchange anything of value transparently and conflict free?

Sacrificing Lifestyle for Career isn’t Just About Hours→

Matt Walsh, Founder of Green Stone talks to the FWA about his inspirations and why he decided to build Green Stone.

Listening Recco

James Corden explains how Carpool Karaoke works on the Bill Simmons Podcast. At 30:30, they talk about how the production and logistics of Late Night shows have changed due to today’s media landscape and it’s worth listening to. If you have the full hour and a half, the full conversation is fantastic.

In The Press

Matt Walsh talks to the FWA about how “sacrificing lifestyle for career isn’t just about hours”.

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