The Simple Javascript I used to Analyze 135 Marketing And Growth Hacking Articles on Medium [Only Useful to Publication Editors]

Yesterday, I published the following article and received a great deal of interest in the script I used to gather my data. Today, I am posting the script here for others to use to analyze the trends of the articles in their own Medium publications:

As the title suggests, this script is only useful if you can access the “stats” page of a Medium publication. Because Marketing and Growth Hacking is the largest “Growth Hacking” publication on Medium, I felt it was a great place to test the script. However, it’d be ideal to analyze data from all of the top publications on Medium, so I’d appreciate — you don’t have to — anybody who uses this script to send me their results by email or commenting with a picture or a link to a story that contains the results as a table like this:

Stats for Inspire the World on Medium

The Javascript Script

Here is the script and how to run it in a browser — only tested on Google Chrome. It’s pretty long, but if you want to make any edits, it should only take you a few minutes to understand what’s going on in the code in order to adjust it to your preferences. As it is, it only gathers the data displayed in the pictures above and adds the results to the bottom of the webpage you are testing on.

Disclaimer — to protect myself from harsh feedback from software engineers:
I am an experienced Java programmer and have experiences in building fully functional webapps like, so to any coders and programmers out there, forgive me for the bad code. I am fully aware that I could have made this much better and am completely capable of doing that. However, I had no interest in making this weekend hack optimal. I was only interested in the results. I wrote this in a few minutes and didn’t look back, so please hold your criticism of the code and enjoy the results.

When using, make sure to scroll to the bottom of the stats page until all articles are loaded so you can include all of your publication’s stories in your results. Enjoy!

The link to the script:

By Lincoln W Daniel as the ModernNerd

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