Entering a high growth phase? Here’s a solution for your startup

Startups often find themselves looking for perfect people for specific projects to round out existing expertise on scrappy core teams. And while devoting the resources required to making and keeping a full-time hire may be out of the question, best-in-class quality still holds top priority. Meanwhile, high-growth periods in a company’s life are make-or-break moments laying out the eventual success or failure of that business.

Outsourced, distributed teams and lowest-bidder talent supported by the gig economy are popular band-aid fixes on a company’s long-term growth strategy. But as smart startups move beyond this model, what they need increasingly are solutions that bring the highest quality experts to temporary and transient time frames. Enter, your interim CMO.

Bringing on smart, capable talent in an interim CMO is the best way to guide your startup through its most crucial growth phases. And while there are plenty of startup stories out there detailing the trials and tribulations of quick fix marketing schemes, there is already a better way. From branding to content marketing and revenue building to fundraising, here’s how an interim CMO serves as the special sauce to realize success in your startup’s most important growth phases.

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

Build or pivot your brand — Branding

When it comes down to it, there’s not much hope for your startup doing business until you can tell your story. But talking about your company or product can be hard when you’re too deeply embedded in what you’ve built. Can’t see forest for the trees? An interim CMO will distill what’s best about your business into a branding and marketing strategy that positions your business clearly and effectively for the public. Together, you’ll develop the kind of robust storytelling that makes it easy for customers, partners, investors, and press to connect with who you are and what your business is all about.

Drive traffic and build an audience — Content Marketing

You’ve built your business and are starting to tell your story far and wide, but now you’re coming up against the challenge of building an audience. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Well maybe, but the best storytelling in the world won’t help your business if there’s no one listening. Working with an interim CMO on the content marketing piece of your business sets you up to make the right kind of noise in an oversaturated digital world, and ensures that noise is heard by the customers you actually want to do business with. With a content marketing strategy in place, driving qualified traffic and building an audience for your work and your brand is a simple question of planning and execution.

Get customers, meet partners, and boost sales — Revenue Marketing

Boosting the bottom line is a business priority no matter what industry you’re in, and the methods and solutions available to accomplish sales success only increase as time passes and technology develops. Instead of wandering through the forest without a map, working with an interim CMO sets your business up with the materials and resources that ensure the success of your bottom line. From sales strategy to marketing collateral, an interim CMO will help you build the partnerships that support your long-term business goals and execute a revenue-focused growth phase that brings customers to your door and puts money in the bank.

Raise funding and get acquired — Pitch

Fundraising is a top priority for many startups, but any founder will tell you that you can’t close a strong investment round without the right messaging, a demonstrated customer base and strong interest from relevant partners in the market. During the fundraising and acquisitions stage of your startup’s growth, an interim CMO will work with you to develop powerful materials geared specifically to potential investors. Whether you’re looking to raise funds or sell your business to another party entirely, an interim CMO steps in to develop strategy and execute everything from print collateral to marketing campaigns that facilitate your next-level success.

Suiting expert-level talent to your specific startup situation doesn’t have to be an either/or scenario. Bring on an interim CMO to get the expertise and knowledge you need now, without committing to a full-time hire and without sacrificing your dedication to quality. No matter what kind of growth your startup is looking for, an interim CMO will work with your existing team, testing and iterating along the way to realize your business goals at every stage.