Proving viability with 2 pilot programs

The first use case for’s blockchain and sensor technology is an application in pharma logistics, which will allow users to more efficiently and cost effectively adhere to current EU regulations. As of the July 2016, we have sent the first 50 shipments under our pilot 1.0 project.

Our first shipment partners are two industry leaders: Schaer Pharma and Voigt AG. Schaer Pharma is well known as a family business with a track record of manufacturing excellent products. Similarly, Voigt has a 100-year history of providing reliable distribution solutions. Both are renowned for their stringent quality and upholding the highest standards of Swiss pharma regulation, making them ideal partners for’s ambitious pilot program.

In the first stage of pilot testing monitored 50 shipments with sensors and smart chain contracts, successfully tracking the temperature within 95% of the shipments. With great feedback from our partners our key takeaways include the demand for a faster BLE connection and the need for improvements to the stability of the system. will integrate this feedback for the second pilot.

On October 15, 2016 initiated its pilot 2.0 project, scaling our first pilot by one order of magnitude to 500 shipments. For our second pilot we have significantly expanded the participating distributors sending shipments. The project will work with a variety of clinics, pharmacies, and doctors as receivers. In total, more than 20 companies are involved in’s pilot 2.0 project. Additionally, we are testing our capabilities with long distance and cross-border shipments.

Besides implementing the takeaways from our first pilot we are using the pilot 2.0 project to test the quality-improvement value proposition: we released a web client allowing our customers to set up shipments, monitor regulatory affairs, and develop customer service protocols. It will also allow our customers to test our new online dashboard to analyze data points. We expect to get feedback and feature requests to further improve the ecosystem.

In conjunction with pilot 2.0, has completed its first long-distance, cross-border pharma shipment. In partnership with Global Health in Amman, Jordan, has successfully monitored over 75% of the 64 packets shipped between Basel and Amman.

We are happy to report that the Global Health team was very enthusiastic about our smart phone monitoring capabilities. They complimented our easy and intuitive system, claiming that it could facilitate their temperature monitoring process enormously. The technical leads from Global Health believed that our overall system is “temperature monitoring for the future.”

We believe that the positive customer feedback and the high rate of packages monitored successfully indicate the ability of the system to be deployed for lengthy global transportation. Thanks to the success of this pilot, is scheduling the market entry with the global pharma company headquartered in Basel for mid 2017. Our system will monitor products in transit for up to 2 weeks by air and up to 6 weeks by ship.

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