MODUS X has become a partner of the INT20H student IT hackathon

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3 min readMar 6, 2024


The company joined the INT20H hackathon as a lead partner in the Data Science category.

The INT20H hackathon took place in Kyiv on March 2 and 3. This is an annual IT competition organized by the student organization BEST Kyiv for the tenth consecutive year. Participants have 20 hours to develop innovative solutions in four categories: Web Development, Mobile Development, UI/UX, and Data Science, thus improving their professional and team skills.

This year’s hackathon was held in a hybrid format and brought together 160 students from leading technical universities in Ukraine. IT company MODUS X became a hackathon partner in the Data Science category, offering a task on computer vision.

MODUS X data experts Yevhen Oliynyk, Bohdan Redchuk, and Ivan Danilov accompanied the hackathon participants during the task and evaluated their final works.

“The hackathon participants demonstrated a high level of knowledge that is on par with the world’s leading universities,” said Yevhen Oliynyk, Head of Data Science at MODUS X. “Despite the limited timeframe, the participants presented worthy projects, and the winning team utilized an advanced generative neural network, which allowed them to create an exceptional visualization of the results.”

“It was fascinating to see how the teams tested their ideas and hypotheses during the mentoring sessions, having a diverse vision of how to solve our case study,” comments Bohdan Redchuk, Data Scientist at MODUS X. “Compared to my own previous experiences of participating in hackathons, it is noticeable how rapidly technologies, tools, and models are evolving. Now, even in 20 hours, teams can implement projects with impressive results.”

One of MODUS X’s strategic missions is to attract and educate young talent; therefore, the company will continue to support initiatives aimed at student development.