The Internet of Things in Energy: How DTEK’s IIoT Platform Works

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3 min readJan 17, 2024


IT company MODUS X has introduced an industrial IoT (Internet of Things) platform for businesses of the DTEK Group. This complex orchestra of servers and cloud computing services reliably integrates and processes data from power plants (thermal, solar, and wind).

“The solution covers interaction with SCADA systems, collection and processing of data arrays, data registration in various repositories, data transfer to the cloud, and functional software deployment. By changing how energy is produced, this system changes the entire energy sector for business and society,” comments Yevgen Smertenko, Head of Data Engineering at MODUS X.

Advantages of the Solution

The platform easily adapts to the changing needs of the energy sector, allowing for the integration of new energy sources and expanding functionalities. MODUS X’s solution embodies scalability both horizontally and vertically. Additionally, thanks to its high fault tolerance, it ensures uninterrupted operation under any circumstances. Optimal use of computing resources saves energy and guarantees maximum system productivity. In terms of data, this platform ensures the confidentiality and integrity of all information arrays.

The IIoT-platform transforms the power station and solves complex tasks, namely:

Predictive analytics: Anticipating accidents and emergencies, the platform acts as a proactive shield, preventing potential problems at thermal and hydraulic power plants.

Renewable energy monitoring: The platform provides integrated solar and wind power plant monitoring, unlocking the potential for efficient management and optimization.

Imbalance analytics: The platform’s ability to maintain a stable balance between green energy sources increases the overall efficiency of electricity production.

Predictive analytics for a greener future: The platform provides quality forecasts for solar and wind power station electricity production, aiding strategic planning and sustainable production.

Significance for Business

For energy companies, implementing IIoT platform offers new production efficiency and data security standards, paving the way to an industry where energy is produced even more eco-friendly.

According to Andrii Zhurov, Head of Operations at DTEK Renewables, renewable energy requires the implementation of modern technologies, one of which is IIoT. “The efficiency of our enterprises depends on many factors, one of which is improving operational efficiency in the technological systems of wind and solar power enterprises. The main development directions are forecasting generation and analyzing opportunities to improve the efficiency of solar and wind power stations,” he explains. “The technologies of the IIoT platform were implemented to achieve significant results. It offers extended capabilities and additional tools to achieve set goals through qualified personnel and new technologies involving the best practices of world leaders.”

“MODUS X is proud to be at the forefront of technological transformations in the energy sector. Our platform is a step towards a sustainable energy future. We are transforming the energy industry by integrating new sources and ensuring data security. Ultimately, our vision is to implement bold ideas and work towards a technological future where our solutions change individual companies and entire industries,” emphasized Yevgen Smertenko.