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MOWOOT voted ‘Best Medical Device Company’ at International Investors Conference of RESI EUROPE 2020

The company emerged out of d·HEALTH Barcelona was voted as the best medical device company, among 23 companies, at the RESI last edition

The company MOWOOT, emerged out of the d·HEALTH Barcelona program driven by Biocat, was voted as the best company in the medical device category at International Investors Conference of RESI EUROPE 2020, celebrated from 23rd to 25th March. The company even made 2nd place in the overall rating of most voted companies.

“We are pleased to see that not only patients and medical doctors see the value of MOWOOT, but also investors. This recognition is positively affecting our fundraising by adding an international angle, and will allow us to reach more markets and patients in shorter time”, explains Dr. Markus Wilhelms, CEO & co-founder of MOWOOT.

MOWOOT, constituted in 2014, is based in Barcelona (Spain) and emerged out of Design Health Barcelona program (d·HEALTH Barcelona), the MOEBIO’s program to train future healthcare innovators, which is part of EIT Health Innovation Fellowships. MOWOOT is a growth stage medical device company targeting intestinal transit disorders with a novel, purely physical, non-drug, non-invasive solution.

The medical device “MOWOOT Intestinal-transit management system”, which is on the market since 2018, administers the proprietary Intermittent-Colonic-Exo-Peristalsis treatment to solve a huge unmet need for patients with intestinal transit disorders like Neurogenic Bowel Disorder (NBD), Opioid-Induced Constipation (OIC) and Chronic Idiopathic Constipation (CIC). The development of the medical device was made in collaboration with a leading European Neuro-rehabilitation hospital, Institut Guttmann, where the MOWOOT founders made a clinical immersion in the frame of the Biodesign program d·HEALTH Barcelona.

MOWOOT is currently raising a Series A investment round to drive international expansion of the company in the European public healthcare reimbursement markets. The round has a goal of € 1,6 million and is dedicated to business angels, family offices and small VC funds alike.

If you want to know more about the experience of the MOWOOT’s founders in the d·HEALTH Barcelona program and the creation of the start-up, you can read the interview to Markus Wilhelms, CEO and co-founder of MOWOOT.



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