Identity is Dignity, Moeda Co-Founder Brad Chun

Emerging Links — First Brazilian International Blockchain Conference
Cincorp Group & International Chamber of Commerce

Moderator: Rik Willard — Founder Agentic Group
Brad Chun — Founder Moeda & Mooti 
Richard Flavio da Silva — IT Architecture Santander Bank
Mariana Dahan — World Bank

Brad has founded or invested in numerous ventures and typically serves as the CEO or Managing Partner. Industries he has been active in over the past few years include digital payments, restaurant technologies, and exchange trading platforms. Brad is very active in the blockchain / cryptocurrency space and became interested in Bitcoins in 2010 when he first experimented with the technology. Prior to his most recent roles, Brad was at GE Capital, Deutsche Bank, and Reservoir Capital. From 2003 til 2010, he leveraged his diverse background in Information Technology and Six Sigma to succeed as an EMEA equities trader and operations manager in the banking and hedge fund industry. Brad started his career as a technologist in 1997 working with multiple start-ups in Honolulu, Silicon Valley, Boston, and New York. Brad earned his B.S. from Boston College in 2002 with concentrations in Computer Science, Finance, and Strategic Operations Management. He received his M.S. Finance from Pace University in 2010.