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Moeda Founders and Team

Taynaah Reis | Chair-Woman and Chief Executive Officer

Taynaah’s self-learned software programing background and hands-on experience with Smart City applications for the Brazilian Government, United Nations, New York utility company Con Edison, among other medium and large public and private institutions aims to provide MOEDA with another layer of game-changing methods for handling governance, resources management and banking solutions.

Taynah Reis is the President at Green Cross Brazil, a nonprofit founded by Mikhail Gorbachev whose mission is to address global challenges of security, poverty and environmental degradation and Chief Technology Innovation Officer and UN Representative for FSUN-UNO. In 2016 Taynah has been named to the Civil Society Selection Committee for Climate Change at the United Nations.

Taynah works mainly with open source environments in which she has advanced knowledge in business intelligence analysis, database modeling and architecture, capture, data mining, search engine, storage, transfer, encryption, visualization, queuing and information privacy.

Taynaah’s Story

Brad Chun | Vice Chair and Chief Technology Officer

Brad has founded or invested in numerous ventures and typically serves as the CEO or Managing Partner. Industries he has been active in over the past few years include digital payments, restaurant technologies, and exchange trading platforms. Brad is very active in the blockchain / cryptocurrency space and became interested in Bitcoins in 2010 when he first experimented with the technology. Prior to his most recent roles, Brad was at GE Capital, Deutsche Bank, and Reservoir Capital. From 2003 til 2010, he leveraged his diverse background in Information Technology and Six Sigma to succeed as an EMEA equities trader and operations manager in the banking and hedge fund industry. Brad started his career as a technologist in 1997 working with multiple start-ups in Honolulu, Silicon Valley, Boston, and New York. Brad earned his B.S. from Boston College in 2002 with concentrations in Computer Science, Finance, and Strategic Operations Management. He received his M.S. Finance from Pace University in 2010.

Brad’s Story

Isa Yu | Chief Financial Officer

Isa is a Blockchain supporter with the belief that the decentralized technology will help industries be more transparent and efficient. She has been actively trading cryptocurrencies and doing technology consulting in Blockchain space since 2014. Isa is also a liberal feminist, believing women should have freedom to make choices for her own life and be treated equally. Isa holds mathematics degree from Penn State University.


Angela Morente Cheng

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Angela worked at a technology investment fund. While tracing how the Japan earthquake and Thailand floods impacted computer supply chains, with factory closures driving price increases and delays due to a highly interconnected system with a just in time supply chain, she became convinced of the urgent need to implement sustainable solutions. As a junior analyst, she championed ideas resulting in profitable investments supporting technologies such as SSDs, LEDs and chip scale atomic clocks for the smart grid.

Angela organized disaster relief in the Philippines after earthquakes, mudslides, and typhoons through STAC — Silicon Valley. In a resource constrained environment, they accelerated companies that create light from salt water, install sensors in fisheries, and add mobile payments to non-smartphones. With Blue Can Emergency Water, she works with Schools, Hospitals, Cities, and the Government on their preparedness strategies for water. They worked with some of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities in 2014 such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, and are eager to help address challenges globally, such as drought, flood, wildfires, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

***Education: Stanford ’09, Physics (Economics); Singularity University GSP ’14, Environment (Space). She started her career at Agilent, NASA, and Sandia Labs before joining a technology investment fund in Silicon Valley specializing in semiconductors, network infrastructure, cloud computing, and information security. During her degree at Stanford University, she researched nanotechnology, computational physics, ancient astronomy, virtual reality, and patent law.

Brent Dixon | Chief Impact Officer

Co-Founder and Chief Designer Officer of Trabian, a rapid prototyping studio for human-centered, values-based financial technology. Co-creator with Communitere International, a global NGO that creates dynamic, collaborative hubs in affected communities. Creator of Cradle to Cradle, a 5-song EP you can listen to here. Founder of the Habdash, an interdisciplinary creative studio. Founder of the Cooperative Trust, a grassroots group of young people fighting for the future of participatory consumer finance.

Educator & Instigator to kids all over the place (Creative Mornings talk here).

// Recent past:

Curious Prototyper at the United Nations. Adviser to the Filene Research Institute, a consumer financial think tank. Organizer & Mentor with Hackidemia, a mobile invention lab for kids. Designer, Curator, and Mentor with TEDxAustin & TEDxYouth@Austin. Founder of the Austin Hacklebox, a tech tools & materials lending library for maker-educators.

Teaching Fellow with Singularity University’s GSP12.



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