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Moeda is now Live on Binance Smart Chain, adopting an aggressive DeFi roadmap

Moeda (MDA) is now live on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), according to Binance CEO CZ, in one of the most promising projects in Brazil for 2021.

Moeda is now expanding its scope to include other markets. To bridge the gap between current traditional financial infrastructure and the future, Moeda is adopting an aggressive DeFi roadmap. However, rising fees on Ethereum have made those platforms overly expensive for small-scale investors. Now, Moeda aims to offer its platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to bypass those fees.

In collaboration with Value DeFi and Binance, Moeda is creating farms to distribute reward SEEDS to holders of MDA and liquidity providers of MDA/BUSD and MDA/SEEDS pools on the Binance Smart Chain network.

It’s a significant opportunity for Moeda’s expansion to become one of the top protocols on Binance Smart Chain, to build a deep market of liquidity for MDA and to create scalability to grow numerous financial products like vaults and lending to drive directly participation in social impact investing.

Moeda is focused on using blockchain to bring capital to underserved women entrepreneurs in Brazil. Founded via an ICO in 2017, it is a centralized platform that allows investors to earn a return through the funding of sustainable micro loans. It also provides core banking and payment services to retailers, entrepreneurs, and consumers in Brazil. Through the MoedaPay app, you buy, sell, and spend selected crypto currencies and stable coins at merchants all over the world through Moeda’s partnerships with Mastercard and Cielo.

How to claim your free SEEDS

If you already have an account on and is signed up to Moeda Loyalty Program your SEEDS rewards will be credited automatically and directly in your account on March in accordance with your MDA holdings.

If you don’t have an account and wants to be all in DeFi please follow the steps:

  1. Read how to get started with Binance Smart Chain
  2. Move your MDA to your Binance Smart Chain compatible wallet
  3. If you coins are on Binance, you may withdraw them directly to the Binance Smart Chain network
  4. If your coins are on another exchange or your own wallet, you may either send to Binance on the ETH network, and then withdraw them on the Binance Smart Chain BSC network OR convert them at
  5. Make sure you have some BNB in wallet as it is used to transact on the Binance Smart Chain network
  6. Stake your MDA in the ValueDefi vFarm at

You may claim your SEEDS rewards back to your wallet or Unstake (withdraw) your MDA at any time.

5 SEEDS will be distributed proportionally to people staking their MDA every block. Rewards are currently scheduled to begin at block 5,500,000 and end at 17,848,000. This is subject to change.



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