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Moeda Selected to Join Mastercard Start Path to Build the Future of Commerce

Sole blockchain and digital currency company selected to join Mastercard Start Path program Wave 19, Moeda employs technology to democratize the financial market.

Brasília — May 3, 2021

Brazilian fintech Moeda announced today it was chosen to join the highly selective Mastercard Start Path initiative to bring its blockchain-based payments, banking and microcredit services worldwide. Start Path evaluates approximately 1.500 applicants per year and Moeda is the only company in the 2021 cohort that is blockchain and crypto-native and is one of two companies selected to be female-led.

As a Mastercard Start Path company, Moeda joins a global network of innovators building the future of commerce. As a member of this initiative, Moeda will join a global commission of banks, merchants and startups to scale its technology solutions for the financial services and payments industries.

Currently, Moeda facilitates transactions of more than $100 million in value every year worldwide through its 50,000+ global users, including its co-branded Mastercard debit cards launched in 2019. Through the mentorship and guidance of the Mastercard Start Path program, Moeda aims to expand its blockchain-based financial services and impact investment platform worldwide.

“Since our founding, Moeda has been seeking more inclusive and fair policies. We have proven that the financial market can be much more than profit-oriented — it can and should foster social and environmental development “, said Taynaah Reis, co-founder, and CEO of Moeda. “We are looking forward to working with Mastercard Start Path to develop our platform even further to create an impact on more people worldwide, democratizing access to credit and financial services that strengthen communities.”

“Technology combined with creativity is making it possible to bring more people into the digital economy faster and more seamlessly than ever before,” said Amy Neale, Senior Vice President, Fintech & Enablers at Mastercard. “Through Mastercard Start Path, we’re partnering with Moeda Seeds on their path to scale and providing the technology, expertise and resources to help drive a more inclusive economy.”

Moeda is a blockchain-powered digital banking, payments and microcredit platform that is humanizing finance and distributing access to financial services and capital. First launched in 2017 at a United Nations hackathon, Moeda has grown to Brazil’s leading blockchain impact investing and banking platform.

Moeda’s business model empowers its investors to earn a return by funding sustainable microloans, while also enabling the company to provide core banking and payment services to retailers, entrepreneurs, and consumers in Brazil.

Through its Seed Projects, Moeda creates a support and social impact network for business ventures that are committed to gender equality, environmental conservation and fair remuneration. In the last four years, Mooeda has worked tirelessly to bring digital banking, payments and microloans to more entrepreneurs across the country who are underserved by traditional financial institutions.

Moeda does this through its dual service offering, Moeda Pay and Moeda Market. Users of Moeda Pay can buy and spend selected digital currencies and stablecoins at merchants all over the world through Moeda’s partnerships with Mastercard and Cielo. Users of the e-commerce platform Moeda Market can purchase products designed to promote a conscious and sustainable cycle; through the payment split feature developed by Moeda, earned income is fairly distributed and goes directly to the hands of all stakeholders. Consumers have access to a transparent and detailed report that contains information on the impact created after products are sold.

About Moeda

Moeda is building a more inclusive and egalitarian world through impact-focused financial services through financial democratization. Based in Brazil, Moeda is humanizing finance by offering blockchain-based digital banking, payments, and microcredit services — expanding access to financial services for the people, companies and projects that need it most. Learn more about Moeda’s services at

About Mastercard Start Path

Start Path is Mastercard’s award-winning startup engagement program that brings together a network of innovators from across the globe to shape the future of commerce together. Startups benefit from the knowledge of a global network of Mastercard experts, technologies and channels. Banks and merchants gain access to a global portfolio of elite startups to accelerate commercial products and solutions through collaboration. With more than 250 startups in the network since its founding in 2014, Start Path companies have gone on to raise more than $3 billion in post-program capital.

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