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Moeda Weekly Ship — April 6th to 13th

Projects and Sustainable Business

Please find below all the progress made by our team.

VIDAA Project


  • Opening of the 24/7 platform — a two-week trial period to analyze supply, customer demand, inventory integration, among other things
  • Mapping out main products that weren’t contemplated in the offer made by the partnership
  • Definition of other supply alternatives in addition to AgroOrgânica producers/farmers

Rural Women, Women with Rights

The team worked on the organization of the products of the women who participated in the contest to be added to the Moeda’s Marketplace.

Somos Um Project

A meeting to organize demand was held. It included the addition of some products to Moeda’s marketplace and providing support to the development of a website with the group “Corre Aqui”. This group seeks to connect service providers (cleaning people, electricians, and so on…) to consumers.


1. Moeda Platform

1.1. FIDC Receivables Fund

  • Integration of the FIDC Fund credit application screen with the backend API
  • Preparation and sending of a descriptive document with all APIs’ specifications that we will be needed for the FIDC Fund

1.3. User search using taxpayer number

The team has made some tweaks to the microservice backend to adjust the contact search API so it can accept taxpayer searches.

2. Moeda App

2.1. The team has fixed an issue related to payments made with QR Code using Moeda’s App.

3. Moeda Pay

  • We have also fixed the Woocommerce Moeda Pay plugin regarding order status
  • We carried out some tests with Moeda Pay plugin
  • And we have made some adjustments to Moeda Pay’s Frontend. It can now accept American Express cards

Next steps:

  • Moeda FIDC Fund: move forward with the integration of the new APIs as soon as we receive them
  • Moeda Wallet: update of the place in which the Bank payment slip option is located on the web page
  • MoedaPay: Update the design of “sent screens”
  • MoedaPay: assess the priority of backoffice order extraction

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