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Moeda Weekly Ship | July 29 — August 4

Web progress

The technology team concluded last week all the features needed for the creation of business accounts — which is now available for Brazilian companies at

They have also put together a video tutorial showing how simple it is for other moeda teams to approve new registrations and manage operations related to these new accounts.

This latest release will make the process of adding new business ventures and important partners into our ecosystem much easier to, ultimately, expand the reach of the services Moeda offers.

We are making this week some final adjustments before launching a new impact investment on our platform — the Seed Project Craft Beer Phase 2. Stay tuned.

Blockchain progress

The blockchain team worked together with the web team to finish the process related to business accounts. What’s more, they have successfully completed the fiat currency integration onto Moeda’s platform.

They have also concluded the MDAB token integration into Moeda’s Wallet.

Moreover, the team has rolled out one more release: Moeda Pay accepts now MDAB. This is another payment option that our new e-commerce payment system offers.

Finally, they’ve made some improvements to the Moeda Marketplace: users receive now an automatic confirmation on their mailboxes every time they make a purchase. The same procedure is applied to payments made through Moeda Pay.

For the week ahead, the plan is to fix some bugs found on Moeda’s platform. These are some fine adjustments that need to be made to the layout and calendar, for instance. We’ll be focusing on making the final adjustments along with the web team in order to launch the new Seed Project Craft Beer Phase 2.

Seed Project progress

Moeda’s Board of Project Directors shared with the other teams an important study about some relevant topics to our operations. The document entitled “Macroeconomic aspects, increasing poverty and unemployment rates in Brazil” will be rather important to produce data and equip us to better position ourselves when it comes to the different realities the impact business ventures will have to face and also the country’s current economic situation.We’ll be publishing soon an article to present its most relevant points. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, the Seed Project team is moving forward with the release of a new version of the Cold Brew 5 O’Coffee, which was co-produced in the state is Minas Gerais during the Seed Project Sustainable Coffee. We have already produced this new version and it’s currently waiting for the bottle labels to be printed. Very soon, you’ll be able to see this great news inside Moeda Marketplace.

The team has also adjusted the 5 O’Coffee selling price due to some changes related to manufacturing price, the infrastructure, among other aspects.

The team has also concluded an analysis about Moeda Marketplace, suggesting that an ideal structure in terms of product categorization should be implemented. They are also seeking some new potential partners to use our e-commerce to sell their products.

This search takes into account some brand and product aspects, such as the sustainable production of goods, the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, if the Circular Economy expectations can be met, among others. In order to achieve that, a document was created to gather information on the certifying companies and collect technical articles about different types of certifications or labels, quality control management systems, and other aspects that will support our internal decisions when it comes to the conditions set for a partner to be considered suitable to operate inside Moeda Marketplace.

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