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Seed Project Craft Beer: why is a second phase for an Impact Investment being launched?

One of the very first Impact Investments made available by Moeda to the public was the Seed Project Craft Beer. Helmed by Divina and the women of Cooperval cooperative, its goal was quite simple: boost the income of people from the Formosa community in Goias. In order to make this a reality, our team adopted an effective solution in which we co-produced Baru Beer — a craft brown ale with baru, a typical chestnut from the region.

Moeda managed to meet a production target of 1,500 bottles of beer — done in partnership with a local brewery — and made it possible to dramatically increase the share of each kilo of baru sold for the women in the cooperative. A percentage of the profits was used to implement a drip irrigation system by Netafim. This technology was employed because it requires a small amount of water and very little electricity, enhancing productivity as a result.

The project was so successful that investors received their payback before the established deadline. Throughout the process, we provided assistance to implement 3 Sustainable Development Goals. Divina was a major star at the first tasting session for the new beer, witnessing all the hard work her cooperative had put into this venture finally bearing fruit.

That’s why we decided to delve deeper into this experience. Moeda has learned a lot from this Seed Project and is ready to distribute even more impact. The Seed Project Craft Beer Phase 2 will encompass a wider range of products -in addition to just the baru nut — and will forge new production partnerships. The idea is to lend support to other impact entrepreneurs and escalate the visibility of their communities.

For this new phase, however, we have an even more ambitious goal: produce 2,000 liters of Baru Beer, which is now pasteurized and boasts brand-new packaging. Moeda will be using cans in order to facilitate logistics procedures and add flexibility to the recycling process

The next step was to form a new partnership with Dádiva Brewery, located in São Paulo. The company’s is equipped to meet the needs of this phase of the project, and it also bears many principles in its DNA that are rather similar to those of Moeda: the company focuses on creating impact. Furthermore, it features a larger female employee base than male, its brewing facility produces nearly zero-waste beer, and it is currently applying reverse logistics to recycle packaging materials.

What’s more, this new phase strives for a new goal: Moeda has begun to think globally, as its beer quickly proved to possess a solid commercial appeal — particularly related to exports. The product is not only appealing due to its artisanal qualities, but the regional fruit used in its unique recipe appeals broadly to consumers from other countries. We are currently working on making the product available for export. Very soon, the Baru Beer will be available for purchase on the Moeda Marketplace — that’s our Blockchain-based e-commerce destination that offers Circular Economy products with total transparency for those who are interested in contributing to a better world, even when they shop online. This is another story, though.

It’s very important for all Moeda teams to kick off this new chapter in the Impact Investment sector because this will prepare our company to soar even higher and, consequently, expand the reach of our business. This provides solid proof that coupling technological innovation with sustainability, transparency and strategic partnerships is indeed the right way to promote growth worldwide.

Learn more about the Seed Project Craft Beer Phase 2 and gear up for investing, reaping higher financial returns and creating impact.



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