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Hi, Moeda Seeders!

We just got back from our break, and we have updates for you on some things that we’ve been concentrating on over the last few weeks.

New phases of Seed Projects released

Wrapping up a full year of challenges and achievements, we launched some new phases of our Seed Projects over the last few weeks of 2020. You can become an Impact Seeder by simply logging into your MoedaPay account, selecting a project and entering the amount (support can be provided using your MDALoyal balance or the other cryptocurrencies). Find out about some of the goals for the new phases:

Craft Beer Seed Project (available for support): the experience accumulated will be used to build partnerships in other Brazilian regions to introduce new labels into the market and generate more impact in local communities. With this new batch of Baru Beer, the business model will be expanded through marketing and sales activities.

VVIDAA Seed Project (available for support): start-up of the venture in Rio de Janeiro, which includes increased technical support for organic farming families, streamlining the logistics and distribution network and employing blockchain to provide transparency to the payment split, generating a real impact and adding value to the efforts of female farmers.

Sustainable Coffee Seed Project (available soon): the recognition given to the work performed by coffee farmers during the first phase will be expanded to new regions in Brazil, further generating more impact on the production chain of one of the country’s most prominent products. The added support will allow the existing partnership to intensify, impacting more women and increasing the development of new products.

For the Craft Beer Seed Project, there is a + 1% per month bonus after this phase is completed. VVIDAA features an +8% bonus at the completion of the step.

Payback VVIDAA

Impact Seeders from the first phase of the VVIDAA Seed Project were paid back in full. Moeda has initiated a sanitary, economic and logistics solution for both end consumers and small-scale family farmers of organic products in the federal capital of Brazil. The second phase has arrived in Rio de Janeiro and is available for support on MoedaPay.

Products on MoedaMarket

The latest phases of the project will also be reflected in our Moeda Market platform. Baru Beer has just completed a new batch ready for shipment. Coffee growers have also begun the production process and new units of 5 O’Coffee will soon be ready. Everything is available on and includes payment splits that ensure revenues are divided fairly and impact is generated at the time of purchase.

Binance’s CZ cites Moeda Seed

The CEO of Binance, the largest cryptoasset exchange in the world, singled out Moeda as one of the startups with the highest growth potential. In an interview about market outlooks for 2021,CZ spoke about the character of ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance), which governs currency relations. See the response:

FoM: Which Brazilian blockchain startup has the greatest potential for innovation and market impact for 2021?

CZ: We are always looking for innovative projects and we have some Brazilian projects under our radar for the Launchpad [Binance’s platform for launching tokens from blockchain transformation projects], but I would like to take this opportunity to talk about Moeda, the only Brazilian project that receives support from Binance’s platform. Moeda’s mission is to connect investors with impact entrepreneurs, promoting the UN’s sustainable development goals. It is a project in line with the ESG [Environmental, Social and Governance] criteria, which is quite trendy in the financial world but which is necessary when we think about the future of the planet in a scenario of natural resource scarcity. Brazil has a lot to contribute to this type of discussion, as does blockchain technology. In this context, Moeda can be a very relevant project. I cannot recommend assets — and this is definitely not an investment recommendation — but it is important to talk about a Brazilian project that is so aligned with one of the most important issues for developing countries, especially in a year of global crisis.

Moeda in the Media

Early this year, Moeda appeared in a number of leading media outlets. One of the most renowned magazines in Brazil, Exame interviewed our CEO, Taynaah Reis, about the expectations for the crypto market in 2021 and the prospects for usability and expanding cryptoassets into everyday life.

The international press channel BeInCrypto recalled the story behind the emergence of Moeda on its portal. The report spotlighted MDA as the leading Brazilian cryptocurrency created by a woman and interviewed Taynaah (founder and CEO) about the growth outlooks for the new year.

New MoedaPay Features

After a campaign conducted on Telegram with MoedaPay users, the team finalized work on features, error corrections and fine tuning for the platform. Some of the items that have become available include: bill payments using a barcode or numeric entry, display and sharing of payment receipts, streamlining registration and authentication for international users, and bug fixes. The platform can be accessed through or by downloading the app from the Google Play Store.

Bitcoin on MoedaPay

MoedaPay’s digital wallet allows you to instantly purchase and sell Bitcoin directly from the platform or app. Conversions into other available cryptocurrencies can also be done on the site.

That’s about all for this week. Follow the latest happenings at Moeda in real time through our online channels and on Telegram.

Keep on top of everything that Moeda does to humanize finances and distribute impact. Follow our social networks.

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