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Weekly Ship 10–14 August 2020

We are truly happy to share with you our weekly progress. We’d like to invite you to follow us on our social networks and, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us through our website’s chat box or via our social networks.

01. Moeda’s ESG Reports Financial, Impact & Sustainable metrics using IoT + Blockchain

Horta da Terra Project

We are promoting a digital transformation in the Horta da Terra Project in partnership with 3Agro (Horta is the word for “vegetable garden”, in Portuguese).

Our Moeda IOT hardware have sensors capable to measure temperature, humidity, PH, water pressure, among other data valuable to monitor from a distance the crop in the Amazon Rainforest region providing investors and consumers real.

The use of #Blockchain has been giving full transparency to the entire process and also to the sustainable production practices of food, especially the Amazonian Non-Conventional Food Plants (PANC, in Portuguese).

The revolution of trust is happening here and now!

About the project:

Its mission is to promote better health through nutritional foods. The company adopts organic practices when producing and selling its vegetables, without harming the environment.

Stand-out points:
I. They seek to be sustainable
II. It doesn’t take too long for consumers to consume their produce
III. Use of best agricultural production and sustainable practices
IV. Strategic Partnerships

Besides, Horta da Terra Project seeks to offer its clients:

I. Product quality
II. Service quality
III. Healthier and more durable products
IV. Convenience and Flexibility

02. Cumbuco EcoHub — 10 tons of recyclable waste exchanged for Moeda’s stable currency

This is a selective waste collection initiative that we have already mentioned before and that continues to produce positive results.
Cumbuco inhabitants sort their rubbish at home and dispose of paper, plastic, glass, and metal in this EcoHub. A startup named Ecolimp developed an online system that receives and manages all the collected waste. The system keeps also a record of who is disposing of their waste there and offers these people a bonus based on the amount of recyclable waste they leave in the EcoHub. Ambrasus company is then responsible for sorting the waste and passing it on to some factories.

Due to the pandemic, the actions had to be temporarily suspended. Fortunately, we managed to resume our operations last month in a gradual manner. We are also following all WHO guidelines when it comes to health and safety.

We have collected 10 tons of recyclable waste since the beginning of the initiative.

This is an action promoted by Winds for Future (W4F) through a partnership with Intention Ventures, Ambrasus, Ecolimp, and with the support of Caucaia’s City Hall.

The EcoHub is located on Cumbuco beach, in the municipality of Caucaia, near Fortaleza, capital of Ceará. It is a very touristic place and perfect for the practice of kitesurfing — that’s why the region is known worldwide as the mecca of this sport.

03. BlockDrops podcast

Our CEO Taynaah Reis has recently had a nice chat about technology and innovation with Mauricio Magaldi, host of the BlockTalks show. Click on the link to listen to it.

BlockDrops is the first podcast in Portuguese about Blockchain for Business.

04. VVIDAA #SeedProject

Did you know that the seed project VVIDAA has already reached 85% of the total support amount?

There is very little left to achieve our goal and your collaboration is essential for the success of this #SeedProject. An 8% payback will be paid in December 2020 and you will find in this video (click here) a step-by-step tutorial on how to collaborate and be part of this story.

Keep on top of everything that Moeda does to humanize finances and distribute impact. Follow our social networks.

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