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Hello, everyone!

We worked hard last week and we are happy to share some news and our latest progress with you. We have been spreading some Moeda seeds on many soils and we are glad to tell you that some fruits of our labor have already been reaped!

Ceará State, Brazil

Moeda’s team have been dedicating special attention to this Northeastern Brazilian state as well as developing strong bonds and long-lasting partnerships to create a real socio-environmental impact. More than 40% of its population is considered poor — they struggle with the challenges posed by social inequality that threaten their livelihood every day.

However, it is also in this same region that the efforts of both private and public sectors are seeking to overcome this humanitarian crisis through increasing investments in science and technology. These initiatives are designed to democratize access to basic services through the digitalization of processes. It is in this context that Moeda makes its presence felt and is ready to take further actions in projects that create a positive impact on local communities.

Cumbuco Hub has been the setting that centralizes various discussions related to these topics. The space, which focuses on sustainable innovation, has been promoting several meetings and studies to build a smart city, using technology to fight inequality, foster social well-being, and provide environmental support. Moeda has been actively participating in those activities and it has an area at the Hub dedicated to experimentation and idea generation.

Bom viver

We are currently monitoring and documenting the progress of this important program. The first two renovation works have already been completed giving more dignity to the participants of the initiative. It is great to see how this affordable financing program is creating a positive impact on these local communities through outstanding renovation works.

Ana Celia and Gabrielle Araujo

The project, which is promoted by the startup Bom Viver, takes place in one of the most deprived and unhealthy regions of the capital, Fortaleza. Moeda Seeds managed to eliminate bureaucracy in the process of granting the population access to microcredit so that the renovation works could happen, transforming spaces and allowing families who live there to retell their stories with more dignity.

MoedaPay App is now available

The MoedaPay app is now available for download on the Google Play Store: it is easier for you to access your digital wallet using MDA and Bitcoin, in addition to making transfers to external bank accounts and using cryptocurrencies for payments and purchases. Soon available for iOS.

MoedaPay brings together everything you need, bringing about changes that only Moeda Seeds can offer.

Bitcoin operations

Bitcoin is now available in MoedaPay wallet. You can store the token straight into your account and use it as an extra option to make transfers and pay bills.

Moeda in the Media

Moeda Seeds increased its visibility in the most prominent Brazilian media companies last week. This presence in the media is fundamental to spread our purpose and commitment. More than 50 publications featured Moeda in November leveraged by an interview given by Moeda’s CEO, Taynaah Reis, and by some blockfriday’s marketing activities.

The newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo told the story behind the creation of Moeda Seeds, blockchain technology, our purpose, and the plans to attract more investment. Our CEO also highlighted in the interview her recent participation in disruptive economy events. Here is the link to the article (Portuguese, only).

The website BlockNews talked a little bit about our BlackFiday marketing activities (or, as we call it here, BlockFriday). The news story explains how we used this popular sales month to create social impact through sales.

Isto É magazine mentioned Moeda Seeds’ goals to increase the number of people who will join our social impact ecosystem in the coming years. Read more here (Portuguese, only).

Terra online media outlet also highlighted Moeda Seeds’ work on offering microcredit and a good return on social business investments. Click here to read more (Portuguese, only).

Microsoft News and the Millennium Institute website also mentioned our next projects to attract more investors. The latter is an organization that is committed to democratic, egalitarian, and human development.


We took advantage of the most popular worldwide day of promotions to transform our MoedaMarket website’s month. In addition to free shipping, our product mix produced high returns to the projects involved and all sales went to the Abraço Campeão NGO.

The results strengthened Moeda’s position as the first Brazilian fintech that creates social impact, allowing new users to get to know our work as well as the projects we support.


We had the participation of a special team of influencers during the BlockFriday campaign. They received our products and talked about our marketing activities to their audience on their social networks. They also mentioned in their posts the bonds we create when making an impact on individuals and invited their audience to participate — which responded with a high level of engagement.

That’s it for this now. See you next week!

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